“Shadow and Bones”: Netflix’s Latest Smash Hit Fantasy Series

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In this blog, we will talk about another latest smash hit-fantasy series by Netflix– “Shadow And Bones”.  It is a live-action adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy novel of the same name.  It also adds storylines and characters from the novel “Six Of Crows”.


Shadow and Bones, is filled with a humongous amount of action, magic, and the love story of two orphaned teens. It juggles multiple storylines but the show never feels overburdened by them. Each story is handled beautifully. The protagonist’s name is “Alina Starkov” and she has a childhood best friend who goes by the name of “Malyen Oretsev”.

The show begins in the Russia-inspired fantasy land- “Ravaka”, where a large stretch of dark-magic and monster-ridden terrain (known as “The Fold”), proves to be a threat to both nations on its side of it. The other important characters in the show are: Con artists Kaz (Freddy Carter), Inej (Amita Suman), and Jesper (Kit Young) chase lucrative and not-totally-legal gigs.

How Did Alina Discover Her Powers?

Before discovering her powers as a “Sun- Summoner”, Alina Starkov is a cartographer in the war-torn world of “Ravaka”. But then she enters the fold on a ship with her friend “Mal” and when a creature attacks him in the Fold, Alina saves him by discovering her true powers as a “Sun Summoner”. Now when “General Kirigan” gets to know about it, he sends her to the little palace for training. Little did Alina know what fate had in store for her.

Where Did The Show Work Best?

  • Alina’s Character Arc

At certain points in the show, you may feel like there is overlapping of multiple storylines. But the show never fails to show that “Alina’s storyline” is the central aspect of the show. Her struggle to understand her powers, controlling them, and a will to reconnect with “Mal”, is the most beautifully portrayed in “Shadow and Bones”.

As the show progresses, Alina understands her powers as a “Sun Summoner”, along with the fact that on her shoulders, has fallen the responsibility of destroying the fold.

  • Kaz, Inej, and Jesper’s trying to pull off a heist

 All these three characters provide much-needed comic relief to the show when they interact with their criminal counterparts such as “Pekka Rollins”. But among all these characters, it’s Kit Young’s performance as “Jesper” which stands out the most.

Along with that, when “Kaz”shows his affinity towards Inej at certain points in “Shadow and Bones”, it provides the viewers with a sense of heartwarming feeling.

  • Ben Barnes’s performance as “General Kirigan”.

General Kirigan’s twisted storyline is a welcome addition to the show. He is a shadow-manipulating darkling and is Alina’s magical counterpart in the magical “Grisha” army.

Initially in the series, Ben Barnes through his portrayal as “General Kirigan” makes sure that the viewers think that he is thinking about the welfare of Alina but that all changes as the show progresses.

Netflix Left No Stone Unturned To Bring The Grisha- Verse To Life

When you are watching “Shadow and Bones”, you can carefully see that Netflix invested heavily into the production design to the full extent of the show. The show is becoming fan-favourite not only because of it’s intriguing character arcs but also because of it’s mesmerizing magical worlds of Ravaka, Ketterdam, The fold, which keeps the viewers on their edge.

When you see the creatures of the fold, on your screen, then you will see that the show has heavily invested in CGI, to bring those creatures to life. 

Moreover, the music score in the show is heart-rending and soul-stirring. Because your heart starts pounding heavily as the story progresses backed with the incredible music score.

The introductory section of “Shadow and Bones”, also makes sure that non-readers of the books are aware of the Geography of the show. 

As the show portrays “a Lord of the Rings-style map”, which shows the names of the different locations, which exist in the Grisha-verse of “Shadow and Bones”.

Why Did “Shadow and Bones” Became an Instant Smash Hit Fantasy Series For Netflix?

Viewers fell in the love with the show because of the way the interesting storylines in the show unfolded.

Moreover the writers of “Shadow and Bones”, really took the script to a top-notch level by making some major changes from the books and bringing together the storylines of two different books.

Kaz, Inej, and Jasper are originally characters from the “Six of Crows” novel. And in that novel, they are hired to rescue a scientist from a certain fortress, which is known as “Ice-Court”.

But the live-action adaptation of “Shadow and Bones”, brings them to the world of Alina Starkov, where they are hired to kidnap the “Sun Summoner (Alina)” instead.

And this move by the writers actually worked for the betterment of the show, as it made the magical world of Grisha, more and more charming.

Also, it is the acting portrayal of “Jessie Mei Li” as “Alina Starkov” and the fantastic portrayal of “General Kirigan” by “Ben Barnes”, which takes the show to a whole new level. 

Netflix knew that for “Shadow and Bones” to succeed as a fantasy series, it needs to resonate with the non-readers of “Grisha-Verse” books also.

And so it made sure that the show keeps the richness of the fantasy world intact while building the magical world around “Alina Starkov”, who will be tasked with bringing the damnation of the fold.

Final Words

Netflix’s “Shadow And Bones”, will make you crave for a real-life magical world itself. Though the show may get confusing at times, yet in the end, it ties up all the storylines together perfectly, while leaving room for Alina Starkov’s character to develop.

“Shadow and Bones”  Season 2 update

Though there is no update as of now for the second season of “Shadow and Bones”, but considering it’s popularity, the renewal for a second season by Netflix isn’t far away.

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