With much web traffic approaching from mobile phones, building a mobile-friendly website that mobile phone users find simple and straightforward to use and navigate is considered a priority. This approach has become very important in the previous decade. According to research, over half of all website traffic now occurs on […]

CCTV observation cameras. Once seen uniquely at banks and over the registration work areas of retail locations, presently you see them all over — at service stations, cafés, traffic crossing points, smaller than normal stockpiles, and pretty much every business and area one can envision. Throughout the span of their […]

FEEDBACK ON THE WEBMARKETING STRATEGY Webmarketing is defined as all the marketing and advertising techniques used on the internet. Its principles obviously borrow from traditional marketing, but web marketing also includes techniques that give it strategic approaches that may be specific to it. If you are a project leader or […]

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is a set of guidelines that allows the software to transmit electronic mail through the internet. This set of rules is coined as a “program” and is responsible for transferring electronic mail from one computer to another.   Why do you need SMTP servers?   […]

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