No Excuses! Either Find a Way or Make One

proceed with limitation

It’s important to allow one to dream beyond your imagination. Also, at times, we are too taut to let our dreams evolve, let up. I agree that change is scary, and moving away from what is familiar is not easy. We all know change is the only persistent thing in life. One is never too old or never too experienced to learn something new. 

Belief is important to be able to achieve your dreams. Believe that you have everything that takes as a weapon or ability in your will, implement that belief in action. 

Your values, your beliefs, and your flaws are all yours! Don’t let anybody change that for you.

Be what you want to be, believe in yourself, and achieve your dreams just by being fearless.

Knock! Knock! Destiny is here

Destiny never knocks on your door; you have to recognize opportunities. There will be a lot of them that will come into your life, you might reject a few, and there are possibilities of people criticizing you for refusing it, but once you recognize the one that is good enough and work darn hard because there will be several other people who would want it. 

If you believe in yourself eventually, others will end up believing in you because perception is reality.
If you want it bad enough, then people are going to give it to you at a meager amount! But to be successful, you have to be able to walk away from a deal. That makes you stronger and gives you confidence. 

Of course, it’s scary, but there is not much to achieve if you chose to play safe. 

I am an instinctive person, if I like something, I’ll do it, and If I don’t, then I won’t. I have taken chances but still scared to take the one that gets me near my goal. I am still working on making a door for it, sooner or later, it will open. 

Safe is good but life without risk is boring

It’s clear, stagnant is safe, but it’s boring. Also, It’s easy to play safe and get satisfied with what you have. But taking your calls and owning up to the choices you made in your life gives you a path that is completely yours. I have mine! Even though I have screwed up a lot, it’s mine. 

In case you are a stagnant player. I have a question – What is life without risk? Of course, not a dramatic risk, I am referring to but an educated risk to evolve yourself because if you have not truly explored the full extent of your possibilities, you’ll always remain sluggish. 

People won’t always agree with your choices. Also, no matter what you do, someone will always be unhappy. You can’t think of everything or everyone when taking your life choices; one or the other will try and pull you back with their perception about your choice but don’t let that happen because the remote is in your hand, change the channel as per your choice not what the other wants. You might end up watching that for your life. Never, ever make a decision to please someone.

So whenever you are taking any risk in life, make sure you backup that risk with your hundred percent.

Courage is a small coal that we keep swallowing 

The taste of failure isn’t that bad either because it states at least you tried and gives you the courage to take risks. Courage is that fear, my friend! That has said its prayers.

Lastly, find a time to laugh at your mistakes and experiences when they don’t fall in your favor because taking too seriously won’t make any difference to those results.

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