The 10 Most Weird Museums in the World

most weird museums

What comes to your mind when you hear about museums? Ancient artifacts, bones of Dinosaurs, old coins and currencies, remnants of war, and so much more. But, there are some really weird things that people have dedicated museums to. As much as some of these are weird, the rest are creepier than you can imagine. In this article, we shall be discussing the 10 most weird museums across the world that are well known and are major tourist attractions.

Museum of Bad Art :

As the name suggests, the Museum of Bad Art, located in the United States is a museum that has been dedicated to the worst pieces of art that are hard to not complain about. The Museum has more than 600 pieces of art that could disturb the most peaceful minds in the universe. It is situated in Dedham, Massachusetts, and has just one criterion to accept paintings and drawings, you have to be the worst! 

The Dog Collar Museum :

Located in England, the Dog Collar Museum is a major tourist attraction and has a large number of people visiting it, especially dog lovers. Lady Baillie, the owner of Leeds Castle was known for her love for dogs and was, therefore, an inspiration for the makers of this museum. The museum has more than 100s different outfits for dogs. These include collars, vests, ties, and several other designers and stylish outfits. They could make any dog lover roll on the floor out of happiness.

Avanos Hair Museum :

Avanos is a small town in Turkey. It is known for its amazing pottery that has been a part of its identity and culture for a long time. Well, another thing that is becoming a reason for the popularity of Avanos is its Hair Museum. The museum has been created by Chez Galip, who was also a Potter by profession. He collected hair strands from more than 16000 women and placed them into his “hair paradise”. The museum has hair of all color and length, curly and straight. The hair has been labeled with the name and address of the women who donated them.

Tap Water Museum :

Formerly this tap water Museum was a pipe house, which was later converted into a museum that displays the ins and outs of the tap water system. The museum is located in Beijing, China. It has more than 130 models of the different tap water systems that have been in use for ages and also the first-ever tap that was developed by the Jingshi Tap Water Company. The company is also associated with the vintage water coupons that have been displayed in the museum. Although, the irony is that the water that is supplied to the households in Beijing isn’t safe enough to consume.

British Lawnmower Museum :

This one could serve as a perfect location if you’re planning to surprise your father on “father’s day”. This museum cherishes the oldest lawnmowers in the world. From the ones used by the Royals of Britain to the first solar heat-operated Lawn Mower, there’s nothing you cannot find here. Lawnmowers are a garden tool used to trim grasses and make the garden plane. They were authentically manual in function. People were required to push them from behind to move them forward. As of now, the automatic ones have taken the place. This museum is located in England.

The Bread Museum :

The museum is located in Germany and houses the most ancient tools that were used to make bread. Bread has been known to humanity and has been feeding the human race for 6000 years. It has around 18000 tools and machines that have been used to cook bread and slice it. However, the museum does not have even a single loaf of bread that is edible, just in case you’re tempted by bread and wish to have one.

Iceland Phallological Museum :

Penises are anything but “aesthetic”, that could be one reason, we wouldn’t want to see one out of choice. But what if I tell you that a museum in Iceland houses penises of different organisms, and hence the name “Phallological Museum”. It has the male copulatory organs of hamsters to whales. The museum has 276 penises from a variety of organisms. Until 2011, it did not have the penis of a human to put on display. But finally, in 2011, an Icelandic man donated his penis to the museum. 

Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum :

The museum was set up by Andrea Ludden and is located in the United States. Andrea is an anthropologist by profession and is obsessed with salt and pepper shakers. She has 22000 sets of these salt and pepper shakers that she has collected from across the world. These shakers are available in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Unlike other museums, you can buy whichever salt and pepper shaker you like (obviously the duplicate version) from the nearby gift shop. The museum allows you to build your collection.

The Kunstkamera :

The Kunstkamera is believed to be the first-ever museum in Russia. The museum houses human oddities. Well, Russians had a huge belief in monsters and otherworldly things. To dispel these beliefs, this museum was set up. The museum has some very odd things on display like a decapitated human head, preserved in vinegar and a deformed human fetus. It even has organisms with additional heads, limbs, or some other appendage. If you are an anatomy enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss this place. However, it could keep haunting you for quite some time.

Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame :

Located in the United States of America, this Museum was set up by the store “Frederick’s of Hollywood“. The first floor of this store has on display the undergarments worn by the most popular people in the business of Hollywood. From the boxer shorts that Tom Hanks wore in Forrest Gump to the training bra worn by Phyllis Diller, it has everything you could ever imagine.

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