“Star Wars”: The Most Controversial Celeb Fights

Star Wars

As Indians, we’re crazy about two things, movies and cricket. We share a similar amount of craze and admiration for celebrities from both worlds. Over the years, celebrities from all arenas have seen major fights and have been a part of them too.

From a clash between Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani after their father’s death to Salman Khan speaking disrespectfully about Hritik Roshan’s movie, celebrity fights have always been the talk of the town and have gathered a lot of headlines. Star Wars In this article, we shall be discussing the five most bizarre celebrity fights that were in news for a long time and did create a stir in the lives of those who were concerned with the matter.

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan :

It was Katrina Kaif’s birthday party and both the superstar khans had arrived at the bash. All eyes were on the three superstars, Shahrukh, Katrina, and Salman. Soon, the two khans got into an argument. The argument is believed to have been about Aishwarya Rai and it got so heated that it turned ugly. The superstars stopped talking to each other and started avoiding each other at film parties and events.

Bollywood was considered to be divided into two Khan camps. People from Shahrukh camp avoided working with Salman and vice versa. Talking about the same, Shahrukh asserted, “I was very ashamed over the Salman issue. I hope it never happens to me again. I didn’t know how to explain it and finally told them, “There are some people who just don’t get along”.

Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth :

In A 2008IPL match, Harbhajan Singh was playing for Mumbai Indians and Sreesanth was playing for Kings XI Punjab. On the ground, the two players had a little argument which got turned into an ugly fight. At some point, Harbhajan Singh got so angry that he slapped Sreesanth in front of the entire stadium, and the media people. The clips of him slapping Sreesanth and Sreesanth crying on the ground were circulated across different news channels and aired. Sometime later, Sreesanth talked about the same and cleared the rumors. He said, “It was all sorted and thanks to Sachin paaji (Sachin Tendulkar), you guys play in the same team, I said absolutely fine, I’ll go and meet him. We met and had dinner on the same night but the media took it to the next level”. 

There were rumors that BCCI had decided that Harbhajan Singh shall be suspended from playing the next matches. But Sreesanth went forward and requested them to not take such a step. He said, “And even in front of Nanavati sir, they have the video clipping also if not, where I’m literally crying and begging and telling him not to ban or do anything with Bhajji paa, we are going to play together. I don’t want anything to be taken away from Bhajji paa because he is a match-winner, he has taken hat-tricks for India. I’ve just started playing and I want to win matches with Bhajji paa because I consider him as my elder brother, there is a video. I don’t know whether they will give it to you or not. You can ask Nanavati sir”

Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi :

After Aishwarya Rai broke up with Salman Khan, he was quite unstable with his behavior. As per sources, he started consuming alcohol very frequently. Sometime later, Vivek Oberoi conducted a press conference and invited all the leading journalists and media houses. He informed them that Salman had called him on his cell phone, 41 times. He abused him on the phone call and spoke filthy words to him. After the press conference, matters just became worse and Vivek lost his career.

Shahrukh Khan and Shirish Kunder :

Ra-One was a dream project for Shahrukh Khan. He invested his time, money, and energy in the movie, and still, it did not pay him back as much as was put into it. At a party, when Shirish Kunder met Shahrukh Khan, he called Ra-One a “150-crore firework frizzle”. Shahrukh wasn’t very much pleased by the comment and slapped him in front of the crowd. Shahrukh had been in a close friendship with Farah Khan. Talking about the matter she said, “Shah Rukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem. It means the attacker has either a personal or professional crisis going on. It saddens me to see him doing the same.”

Kangana Ranaut and Hritik Roshan :

In one of her interviews, Kangana Ranaut talked about Hrithik Roshan, referring to him as her “silly ex”. Hrithik completely denied that he ever had an affair with Kangana. Soon, Kangana released certain proofs of herself dating Hritik Roshan. Post this, a series of emails that were exchanged between the two were leaked, which created a major controversy. Kangana took to her Twitter page and wrote, “His sob story starts again, so many years since our break up and his divorce but he refuses to move on, refuses to date any woman, just when I gather the courage to find some hope in my personal life he starts the same drama again.” Kangana did not leave a chance to bring down Hritik at any of her interviews or public appearances.

Hritik on being asked during “Super 30 film promotion, about Kangana and the film clash they could have had, said, “I have come to realize that bullies have to be treated with a certain amount of patience, and not be engaged with. It is upon the civil society and those who claim to be just and fair to see and observe if there is harassment. Also, being who I am, if I choose to confront as per laws, I become the aggressor. If I withdraw from a film-clash that I know has been pre-designed, then I become a weakling penning a sob story. I have learned to not get affected by either.”

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