5 ideas of Bollywood, we no more want to buy into!

ideas of bollywood

Bollywood, an industry that reflects our society as well as influences it. The more you think about it, the more you shall agree. It has been evolving and there are several movies to prove it. With “The Dirty Picture” we proved that we were ready to watch a woman be the protagonist of the story, not have a zero figure and not fit into parameters of the society that described the “character” of a woman. But at the same time, we also accepted a movie like “Grand Masti”, that had the most ridiculous jokes, demeaning women and their existence. So clearly, we still need Bollywood to make changes in their movies and what they offer their audience. In this article, we shall be discussing 5 things that we’re done being made to watch.

We are in the 21st century. Our constitution has accepted gay marriage and the long fight we’ve had to pull ourselves through, as a society, makes it all worth it. However, at the ground level, we still have children struggling with their identity and being able to accept their sexuality before society due to the fear of being mocked at or being disowned. In such circumstances, a superstar delivering a dialogue that says, “Jis din sach mein mere saamne bhoot aaya na, toh maa kasam chudiyan pehen loonga, choodiyan,” is shameful and just makes the situation worse. Well, this isn’t the first time. Time and again, filmmakers have made movies that portrayed gay characters in the most obnoxious ways. From their funny demeanor to them hitting on the men, everything is just disrespectful to an entire community that has been struggling for justice. Bobby Darling is a living example of how Bollywood has ruined the image of the LGBTQ and harmed their dignity.

  • Male leads must be introduced to “Consent”:

Ranjhana was undoubtedly an amazing movie and we all loved Dhanush’s portrayal of “Kundan”. But not even once did we realize that in the name of pursuing “Zoya”, played by Sonam Kapoor, he was stalking her, which is a criminal offense. Another movie was Dabangg, in which Salman Khan’s character, “Chulbul Pandey” literally threatens a woman to slap her if she does not take money from him and in return, Sonakshi delivers the most popular dialogue of her career, “Thappad se dar nahi lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai”. If I ask you to name one movie in which the male protagonist has the decency to seek the consent of his love interest before he tries to exploit her privacy and comfort zone, it would take you an hour to name one! Kabir Singh is on the pedestal of patriarchy. The movie portrays Shahid Kapoor as “Kabir Singh” who initially orders “Preeti Sikka”, played by Kiara Advani, to bunk her classes for him and later kisses her, without her consent. The movie has so many problematic sequences that it will take you 3 hours to watch the movie and 6 hours to list the issues. 

  • Not another “anti-feminist” rant:

A guy ranting over how women spoil men’s lives and their relationships is the last thing our society needs to hear, especially in a world where we are still struggling to explain feminism and its importance. Kartik Aryan ranting against women in the movie “Pyaar ka Punchnama 2” was nothing else but selling the idea of “bros before hoes” which has been degrading and demeaning women since forever. Several other movies, just like this one just revolve around a man-child who has issues dealing with women and their opinion. The man child does not hate women, since he goofs around with them and pursues them wherever and whenever. But as soon as he sees “responsibilities” existing. He turns his back and complains about how women are demanding.

  • Objectification of women:

Item songs are not the problem here, “just item songs” are. The so-called “Female leads” in several “masala movies” just have a screen time of 5-10 minutes. They are either a part of a romantic number or an item number that is included to spice up the movie. There are actresses like Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, and several others who have carried a movie on their shoulders and proved to the world that they do not need a male Actor to encash a movie. In Movies like “The Dirty Picture”, “Kahaani”, No one killed Jessica”, etc, Vidya Balan proved her worth with her power pack performances. Deepika in Piku and Chapaak proved that she could outshine any male superstar with her performance. However, despite women coming forward and showing their talent to the world, some filmmakers limit their female “protagonist’s” screen time to just objectifying and sexualizing them. 

  • Age fooling!

It is so normal for us to see a 40+ actor romance a 20-year-old actress. Love does not know any boundaries but a 50-year-old “Superstar” playing a college student is too much to digest. The cringe it offers is too much to take. There are thousands of talents struggling outside production houses getting rejected because the filmmakers prefer casting a “superstar” instead of giving young talents a chance! Which is worse than Nepotism. “Three idiots” was a classic, but Aamir Khan playing a college student (a 20-year-old, at 50) was something, was hard to digest. Another aspect of this “age fooling” is actresses playing “mother” to a male actor of their age. Nargis was just 28 years old when she had to play the mother of Sunil Dutt (her husband) and Rajendra Kumar, who were both her age, in the movie “Mother India”. Reema Lagu played Sanjay Dutt’s mother in Vaastav when both the actors were of the same age. Bharat was a movie that shocked everyone when 44 years old Sonali Kulkarni played the mother of Salman Khan who is 53. So actresses age faster and actors do not age at all, is what the filmmaker intends to sell! 

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