Following many years of combat, the Taliban has finally taken control of Afghanistan for the first time since 2001. Taliban is the fundamentalist pressure attempting to put in Islamist regulation blitzed throughout the nation, defeating one town after another and reaching Kabul one day. The rapid development of the Taliban […]

The worst nightmare for the world started on 15th August 2021. It is the day when the Taliban entered Presidential Palace, Kabul.  Embassies of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and now the USA have been shut. The list is increasing every day. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. The Taliban took […]

Politics is considered to be one of the riskiest professions not just in our country, but in the world in general. And if I say, Politicians, most of us would probably picture a corrupt, middle-aged man with at least 10 criminal cases filed against him.  As a matter of fact, […]

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