Most of the times we come across this term, Drug Addiction, or Drug Abuse, maybe someone you know, or someone really close to you, even you, could have faced the addiction of one or the other harmful substances.    This term can be simplified as a complex neurobiological disease; neurobiological […]

Music and the Brain? The perception and processing of music by the brain and, in general, the neural correlations with music represent a research field of great interest and importance in the field of cognitive sciences, as demonstrated by specialized publications dedicated to topic, which came out in the early […]

On the auspicious occasion of Republic day, the Ministry of Ayush presented their tableau, that was based on “ओजो भारत, तेजो भारत.”   What is “Ojo Bharat Tejo Bharat”? Ojo Bharat translates to Immune India and Tejo Bharat translates to Active India. It emphasises on the necessity of the countrymen […]


Are Vitamin Supplements Good For You? It can be worth every investment when it is directed towards better health. But investment needed for this purpose need not be costly. In fact, natural means are the best option to attain total wellness. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are by far […]

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