Music and the Brain? The perception and processing of music by the brain and, in general, the neural correlations with music represent a research field of great interest and importance in the field of cognitive sciences, as demonstrated by specialized publications dedicated to topic, which came out in the early […]

Acting has been a popular skill art and profession in the Indian film industry. There have been many handsome actors who came and passed away leaving an everlasting mark in the memory of their fans. Some of the perfect examples to mention are Devanand, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna, Shashi Kapoor, […]

Watching movies is the best past-time activity among all age groups. People are so excited to watch their favourite superstars essaying a new role in their upcoming movies. There are different genres of cinema. The categories include action, thriller, suspense, romance, horror, and art. With the evolution of cinema, many […]

In Enola Holmes, Sherlock’s kid sister is all set to out-smart her detective brother What comes to our minds when you hear the word, “Holmes”? Sherlock Holmes, right? One of our most favourite fictional characters. The Detective. The Sociopath. However, he was not the only one in the Holmes family […]

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