10 Tallest Male K-pop Idols You Need to Know


Who are the tallest male K-pop stars ever? K-pop isn’t brimming with big male K-pop stars. There is nothing wrong with that. Isn’t a lot of tall Koreans. The issue is that one of the aspects of height can be leveraged. Tall dancers have difficulty controlling their limbs due to the mechanisms of what many professionals call “lever arms.” Dance is an important element in K-pop, and among the most important elements, K-pop entertainment companies seek when sourcing talent. But a tall Kpop dancer proficient in controlling and expertise visually creates an impact greater than a shorter dancer, but the result is more difficult to attain.

Visual illusions give dancers who are shorter some advantage. On stage, due to the better posture of dancers, shorter dancers may appear larger than they are, in reality, unless they are next to a tall dancer. This is why many K-pop groups comprise people of similar height. The K-pop industry is famous for its talent, appearance, and charisma blend. 

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Today, we’ll look at the tallest male K-pop idols ever and update the list when new members come out. We’ve already written an article about the biggest female K-pop idols, so be sure to check it out too.

Tallest Male K-pop Idols

  • Junghyun (2Z) – 193.5 cm

The measurement of Junghyun has been debated online for years. He was interviewed and claimed that he was 192cm tall; however, he later posted on social media sites that he measured 194cm tall. Some thought it could be a joke, while others considered it a serious matter. As the bassist and vocalist of group 2Z, there aren’t any pictures of him on the internet for us to accurately measure his height. We will meet in the middle and state that the height is 193.5 until he is adjusted.

  • Park Seo Ham (KNK) – 193 cm

Park Seo Ham debuted as an actor in the Kpop boy group KNK in 2016. He was then spotted due to his leading part in the Korean drama Semantic Error. His profile on numerous Kpop websites has him listed as 189cm tall, but in 2020, he stated that his true height was 193 centimeters. We believe he’s telling the truth based on the show’s scenes.

  • Uiyeon (GreatGuys) – 192.5 cm

Kim Ui-Yeon, also known as Ui-Yeon, is a South Korean singer and actor. Also, Kim Ui-Yeon is a member of the group boy GreatGuys. On August 23, 1997, Uiyeon was born in Seoul, South Korea. He’s 192.5cm, making him one of the tallest members in GreatGuys. The group members are taller, with the smallest being 178cm.

  • Rowoon (SF9) – 191.5 cm

The South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor Rowoon is Kim Seok-woo. He is a member of SF9, a boy band. Rowoon was born on the 7th of August 1996 in Ilsan, South Korea. He is 191.5 centimeters tall, the highest male Kpop idol in the industry.

  • Yooshin – 191cm

Yoosin is a songwriter and singer who came out in late 2022. The digital track he released, ‘Sansevieria’ Misunderstanding,’ was trending, and he began was featured in the Korean survival show The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle and Stars Awakening.

  • Hwal Chan (GreatGuys) – 190cm

A member from GreatGuys appears on this list. Hwal Chan, sitting side-by-side with Uiyeon, is just a bit smaller than Uiyeon. We believe that He is probably 193 cm. He was on the SBS competition show Kookmin Singer.

  • Taewoo (G.O.D.) – 190 cm

Taewoo was the vocalist in charge in G.O.D. Taewoo was the lead vocalist for Kpop boy band G.O.D. However, he has enjoyed an impressive career following G.O.D announced their indefinite break. He’s now not just an actor in the music industry but a T.V. personality.


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