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Your privacy is critically important to us at Blogjab, we ensure that your data is safe with us. 

  • We assure you about the personal information shared, is kept carefully and confidential with us and also the information that we gather about you through the operation of our services. 
  • The individual information collected is stored only until the time required.
  • We seek to make things feasible for you in the context of the information you share on the website publicly (or kept confidential), listed by search engines, and forever deleted. 
  • We aid you from providing personal information that you might not be comfortable imparting.
  • We are relatively transparent in the data we accumulate, utilise, and yield your private information.


Below is our Privacy Policy, which includes and explains these principles.

What our Policy incorporates and detail of us 

We are the ones behind this website and services devised to enable all — from bloggers to photographers, students to teachers, for the one’s willing to write, those who have been writing and for those who haven’t yet started, small business owners, and enterprises — to grab this opportunity and type down every thought in words, which you think you might want to share with all. We aim to provide a platform to all, to make publishing a feasible aspect for everyone, who wishes to speak their story and gradually turn their thoughts and words into a livelihood – from novice writer to a published author.

During this Privacy Policy, we’ll refer to our websites and services collectively as “Services.” 

Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to any of our products or services that have a separate privacy policy.

Herein we describe how we accumulate, handle and dispense information about you, simultaneously with the options that you have concerning the information shared.

Data We Cumulate

If we have any specific purpose of collecting your information only then, we take so – for instance, to present our Services, to interact with you, or to 

We only collect information about you if we have a reason to do so — for example, to provide our Services, to communicate with you, or to improvise our Services.

The collection of information is done from three sources: if and when provided to us, 

We collect this information from three sources: if and when you provide information to us, inevitably through performing our Services, and from external sources. 

Let’s discuss the information we intake. 

Information You Grant to Us

Plausibly it’s no wonder if we gather the information that you present to us immediately. 

  • Vital account information: In order to start with publishing your write-ups, we ask for some basic details to know about you and set up your account. For case, an individual who is willing to sign up, renders an email address, password, and username or name. Since information like your address is not required to create an account, we don’t expect it. 
  • Public contour information: An information provided to us is segregated in two ways; one is your basic information, and the other is visible to the public, which is your username as a part for your public profile, along with your profile picture, if any. That’s the only information we make public including your write-ups if you wish to make them visible to all.
  • Content information: You might equip us with information about you in the draft and published content (a blog post or comment that includes biographic information about you, or any media or files you upload).
  • Communications with us: You may also grant us with information when you reply to reviews, chat with our team about a guide question, post a question in our unrestricted forums, or sign up for a newsletter like the one we send through emails. Whenever you communicate with us via form, email, phone, comment, or otherwise, we save proof of our discussions (including any call recordings as sanctioned by suitable law).
  • Job applicant information: If you apply for a job with us — awesome! You may provide us with information like your name, contact information, resume or CV. Also, in case we require additional information, we’ll revert you about the same via email. 

Information collected automatically

Some information is collected automatically:

  • Log information: Similar to majority online service providers, we gather data that web browsers, mobile devices, and servers generally make accessible, comprising the browser type, IP address, unique device identifiers, language choice, suggesting site, the date and time of access, operating system, and mobile interface information. We handle log data during the time you use our Services — for example, when you create or execute modifications to your account on our site.
  • Usage information: We collect information regarding your usage of our Services. For example, we collect information about the actions that site administrators and users perform on a site – in simple terms, who did what and when (e.g., [site username] deleted “[title of post]” at [time/date]). We also collect information about what occurs when you use our Services (e.g., page views, support document searches, features enabled for your website, interactions with our Admin Bar and other parts of our Services) along with information about your device (e.g., screen size, name of cellular network, and mobile device manufacturer). We use this information to, for example, provide better services to you, get acumen on how people use our Services so we can deliver our Services better, and learn and address foresight about user retention.
  • Location information: We may ascertain the estimated location of your device through your IP address. We collect and take this information to assess how many people visit our Services from specific geographic regions. 
  • Interactions with other users’ sites: We collect some information about your communications with other users’ sites while you are logged in to your account with us, such as your “Likes” and the evidence that you commented on a distinct post so that we can suggest posts we deem may intrigue you. As another example, we collect information about the comments IntenseDebate users make while logged in and manage that information to record up statistics concerning your comments. Exhibit information about your comments in your public profile.
  • Information from cookies & other technologies: A cookie is a sequence of information that a website carries on a visitor’s computer, and that the visitor’s browser contributes to the website each time the visitor returns. We use cookies and other technologies to assist us to recognise and pursue visitors, usage, and ingress decisions for our Services, as well as track and comprehend email campaign effectiveness and to fulfil targeted ads. For more information about our usage of cookies and other technologies for tracking, including how you can check the use of cookies, please consult our Cookie Policy.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are meagre bits of data, put in text files, that are kept on your computer or other devices when websites are loaded in a browser. They are extensively utilised to “retain” you and your preferences, both for a single visit (through a “session cookie”) or for added repeat visits (using a “determined cookie”). They guarantee a steady and productive experience for visitors and deliver crucial duties such as allowing users to register and remain logged in. Cookies may be set by the site that you are visiting (known as “first-party cookies”), or by third parties, such as those who give content or render advertising or analytics services on the website (“third party cookies”).

Both websites and HTML emails may also comprise other tracking technologies. These are typically petite translucent images that equip us with statistics, for the same ideas as cookies. They are frequently used in conjunction with cookies, though they are not stored on your computer in a similar way. In conclusion, if you disable cookies, it may still load, but their functionality will be bounded.

How we use cookies

We use cookies for varied objectives. Some cookies are needed for technical reasons; some allow a personalised experience for both visitors and registered users, and some permit the presentation of advertising from selected third party networks. Some of these cookies may be set when a page is loaded, or when a visitor uses a distinct action (clicking the “like” or “follow” button on a post, for instance).

Many of the cookies we use are only set if you are registered as our user (so you don’t have to log in every time), while others are set whenever you visit one of our websites, irrespective of whether you have an account.


Information We Receive from Other Sources

We may also acquire data about you from other sources. In case, if you create or log in to your account through different services (like Google) or if you connect your website or account to a social media service through our publicize feature we’ll accept information from that service via the sanction methods for that service. The information we receive depends on which services you use or approve and what choices are accessible.

Third-party services may also deliver us data, like mailing addresses for people who are not yet our users. We use this data for marketing goals like postcards and other mailers advertising our Services.


Prospects for Using Information

We use information about you for the objects listed below:

  • To administer our Services. To set up and secure your account, treat your website, backup and recover your website, render customer service, and validate user information.
  • To assure excellence, sustain safety, and enhance our Services. We do this by implementing automated upgrades and fresh versions of our Services. Or by observing and dissecting how users communicate with our Services so we can build new features that we believe our users will appreciate and that will support them create and maintain websites more efficiently or make our Services simpler to use.
  • To place and control ads in our advertising program. To place ads on our users’ sites and some of our own sites as part of our advertising program, and experience ad performance.
  • To market our Services and measure, gauge, and augment the effectiveness of our marketing. This will be done by focusing on our marketing messages to groups of our users, advertising our Services, examining the effects of our marketing campaigns and comprehending and forecasting user retention.
  • To guard our Services, our users, and the public. For example, by identifying security incidents; recognizing and shielding against spiteful, false, deceitful, or unlawful activity; fighting spam; complying with our legal obligations; and defending the rights and property of Blogjab and others, which may result in us, for example, refusing a business or ending Services.
  • To fix obstacles with our Services. For example, by monitoring, debugging, sewing, and stopping issues.
  • To personalize the user experience. For example, to customize your encounter by assisting you with appropriate notifications and advertisements for our Services, suggesting content through our Reader post recommendations, and rendering new essays and stories for your reading delight.
  • To interact with you. For example, by emailing you to ask for your feedback, or keep you up to date about our site. If you don’t want to hear from us, you can opt-out of marketing notifications at any time. (If you opt-out, we’ll still send you vital updates relating to your account.)

Yielding Information

How We Accord Information

We bestow information about you in confined incidents, and with suitable safeguards on your privacy. 

  • Subsidiaries and individualistic contractors: We may unveil information about you to our subsidiaries and independent contractors who require the data to aid us to administer our Services or process the data on our part. We need our subsidiaries and independent contractors to support this Privacy Policy for any personal information that we give them.
  • Third-party vendors: We may disclose information about you to third-party vendors who require the information in order to produce their services to us, or to present their services to you or your site. This involves merchants that support us present our Services to you. Those that serve us with our marketing attempts (e.g., by giving tools for classifying a precise marketing objective group or updating our marketing campaigns, and by placing ads to market our services); those that assist us to comprehend and intensify our Services (like analytics providers); those that offer tools to encourage us to run our operations (like programs that help us with task management, scheduling, word processing, email and other communications, and collaboration among our teams); other third-party tools that support us control operations; and companies that make products obtainable on our websites, who may need information about you to administer technical or other support services to you. We expect merchants to conform to privacy commitments in order to yield information with them. 
  • Legal and regulatory needs: We may provide information about you in response to a subpoena, court order, or other governmental requests. 
  • To defend rights, property, and others: We may unveil information about you when we think in good faith that divulgence is fairly essential to guard the property or rights of Blogjab, third parties, or the public at large. 
  • With your permission: We may accord and unveil information with your approval or at your direction. For example, we may share your information with third parties when you approve us to do so, like when you connected your site to a social media service through our Publicize feature.
  • Aggregated or de-identified information: We may share information that has been aggregated or de-identified so that it can no more plausibly be utilized to distinguish you. For example, we may publish aggregate statistics about the usage of our Services, or bestow a hashed version of your email address to promote customized ad campaigns on other platforms.
  • Site owners: If you have an account with us and interact with another site utilizing our Services, your data may be yielded with the administrators of the site. For example, if you leave a comment on a site created, IP address and the email address linked with your account may be shared with the administrator(s) of the site where you left the comment. 
  • Published support requests: If you entrust us a plea for support (for instance, through a support email or one of our other feedback mechanisms), we have the right to publish that request to explain or reply to your request, or to aid us to support other users.

We have a long-standing policy that we do not exchange our users’ data. We don’t sell your private information to data brokers, and we don’t market your information to other companies that want to spam you with marketing emails.

We show ads on some of our users’ sites as well as some of our own, and the income they produce lets us allow free access to our Services so that money doesn’t become an impediment to having a voice.



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