What Makes Laughing Buddha A Symbol For Bringing Luck & Prosperity?

laughing buddha

In a big country like India, there are many myths believed by people. Travelers often stop their vehicles whenever they see a black cat crossing their path mid-way. They either wait for a few minutes or spit on it, or whatever the bullshit idea comes to their mind. Other than black cats, there are also myths regarding a broken mirror or even sneezing. 

Well, in terms of broken mirrors, I can agree to some logic, because everything looks good if they are proper. Watching broken things itself brings a negative impression on looking at them. Not only the mirror but anything that appears to be in a dilapidated state does not give a pleasant look for viewing. 

There may be people who do find these weird myths to be true, but it might not be the same approach for others who consider them ridiculous and superstitious. But hold on, some beliefs cannot be ridiculed for a false faith. These are hard to overlook. One such big example that I am going to tell you about is Laughing Buddha. 

Who Is Laughing Buddha? 

You need to understand that Laughing Buddha is not at all a fictional character. His actual name is Budai. This Chinese monk is known to have lived during the period of the Wuyue regime in the 10th century. The meaning of his actual name Budai is ‘cloth sack’. He got this name because he carried a sack bag along with him and wandered with no fixed aim. 

Budai is shown as a big-bellied person with a humorous personality and unusual lifestyle that sets him apart from other Buddhist figures. He got popular with the name ‘Laughing Buddha’ because of his funny appearance who always seemed to be laughing. 


Those who crave wealth, happiness, and luck in their life need to rub the belly of Laughing Buddha as per the belief. However, there is more to this fact. If we look at his overall personality, then we will find that apart from keeping a laughing face all the time, he also indicates his high tolerance and contentment power. 

He never beholds any hatred and enmity towards anybody. As per Chinese belief, Laughing Buddha always carries a collection of sweets and toys in his sack bag for children and is often seen surrounded by them. Moreover, he is not far behind Robinhood, in being the savior of poor people in society.

Keeping Laughing Buddha on the office desk results in positive bonding with your teammates and seniors. So no question of personal enmity. Students must keep a small or big figurine of Laughing Buddha with them, as it will help them in getting more concentration and excelling in academics. It also brings good results in your career progress.

Placing a Laughing Buddha statue in the southeast direction of your bedroom, hall, or dining room, will render luck and raise the income of the home. You can gift it to your loved ones as a token of love on special occasions like birthdays. It is an evergreen gift choice. 

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