Holi Special: What Do Colors Represent?


Ever imagine how the world seems in black and white? Of course, it would look dull without colors. 


We all wear colorful clothes to make ourselves presentable. Every element of nature is filled with different colors including flowers. 


Whenever you think of cheering a friend in a sad mood, the first thing that comes to mind is colorful flowers. 


These blossom beauties have short lives, but till the time they blossom, they give happiness to someone who needs them the most. 


Anyone can get spellbind with not only their refreshing smell and captivating colors. Note that colors play an important role in changing your mood. 


On the upcoming occasion of Holi, I am going to reveal what symbols these colors represent. Let me begin with:


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Remember when we were kids, we all were taught to recognize colors. And the first one, to begin with, was red. 


It represents a symbol of love, and we all can view it on occasions like Valentine’s Day. However, this color is also associated with hatred and mostly anger.



This color represents wisdom, truth, loyalty, confidence, and heaven. The very sight of this color gives a soothing effect to our mind and body. 


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Blue is much preferred by boys in any of their assets. Most importantly, it is the best color to have a calm mind in stressful situations. 



We all can associate this color with mother nature with greenery. But besides this, Green is also a symbol of good luck and jealousy. 



Yellow is also a color of optimism and also denotes happiness and sunshine. However, looking to its other side, then it is associated with ego, insane, and weakness. But these negative indicators sweep away due to their connectivity with religion. 


According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is also called Pitambar, as he wears the yellow cloth (dhoti). 



Pink is the symbol of peace within, affection, and friendship. Just like boys have a preference for blue, girls have for pink. You might have noticed that this color is often marked to indicate the female gender. 

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