5 Rules To Make Sure Before Watching A Web Series

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#Rule No. 5 (Do not go with the trend)

In regards to rule no. 5 your watching preference should be solely yours. Determining your content preference on the basis of others’ opinions is equivalent to restricting your choices. Going with the trend sounds old school now, but going with your choices is what we called a “trendsetter”. Choose your favorites and binge-watch them as much as you like. Most of the video streaming sites understand and respect that different people have different choices, which is why they put continuous efforts to offer a wide range of series in different genres of all eras. 

#Rule No. 4 (Netflix and chill)

From the past few months, this phrase has been lingering everywhere from social media to household. Netflix had become the trendsetter, showstopper, and whatnot during their initial times. Of course, they are one of the pioneering platforms that came up with the idea of video streaming and offering more than 1000 aspects related to entertainment. But does it mean that it must have a monopoly over this industry? There are ample video streaming platforms emerging and covering a broad spectrum of genres and people’s preferences. Some of the sites are listed below;

  • Voot
  • Disney+Hotstar
  • MxPlayer
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV

In the end, your motive is not to go with the trend but to make sure that you are entertained be it from Netflix or from any other platform.

#Rule No. 3 (See Before you Watch)

The efforts of making trailers, compiling data of reviews, and ratings are done just for the sake of viewers’ entertainment. To enhance your entertainment experience you always have to see all the aspects before you plan to watch any show. By giving a look through all the ods and eves of the show you’ll get a better idea that whether the show fits the framework of your expectations or not. Although you can’t decide the entire show with these three weapons (trailer, review, and rating) but you’ll definitely get a glimpse of what the show is offering. 


#Rule No. 2 (Be your own partner/ Choose the right companion)

The golden rule to make your watching experience worthful. Before planning a chill time you need to make sure that your partner is as interested in watching the show as you are, otherwise you’ll end up watching the entire show, your partner will show his trait of being a sleepyhead, or you both will end up watching the show incomplete.  Rather than choosing a partner or a companion for you, you can become your own partner and enjoy your ‘me time’ with no burdens. Watching that show would completely be your responsibility. And here we can feel the essence of Rule No. 4 where it has been clearly mentioned ‘See before you Watch’. You can and your partner can either see the reviews, ratings, trailers and decide or end up having a deep sleep.  

#Rule No. 1 (Close your mind while watching the show)

This rule is quite out of the blue to share. Since almost everything is covered in the rules meant for you to make sure the things before watching any web series or any show. So let us also know the single and foremost rule while watching any show. Yes, you have read it correctly, you have to close your mind and start watching the show according to the mind of the director and the show. We all know that most of the shows are beyond human attainments and they all are fictional. If we will start playing the function of our brain while watching the fictions then the entire entertainment industry can’t chill. The more you’ll stop your mind the more number of series you’ll be able to watch and keep yourself entertained all the time.

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