Money Heist- Proves to be the Most Addictive on Netflix

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If you are not someone living under the rocks for the past one year you must have definitely watched or at least heard about the famous show “Money Heist”. After all who doesn’t know the robbers under the red jumpsuit and dali mask. It was intended to be a Spanish TV show “La Casa de Papel”  but because of its popularity and outstanding plot and cast, it has become one of the most addictive web series on Netflix



  • Money Heist

  • Air Date: 2 May 2017
  • Status: OngoingStudio: Vancouver Media
  • No. of Seasons: 4
  • No. of Episodes: 31

About Money Heist

This show revolves around the concept of resistance against capitalism. Netflix’s Spanish accession has come up with an amazing sort of series which was awaited for ages. 

This web series is about a group of robbers who aims to end the idea of capitalism through robbing and want to redistribute the wealth among the society. Their plan is called to be the ‘Perfect Plan’ with the “professor” being the mastermind. 


Apologies for not revealing his name because that’s the actual twist of the series to crave you more to watch the entire series. Season 5 is the most awaited series to release on Netflix by making people more eager to watch the final and the most exciting ending of this series. Having listed up all the amazing facts about the series, that’s all can be offered in this article by not giving you the spoilers.


There are some surprising plot twists and all the action keeps you on the edge. Literally, anything could happen at any given moment. So patience is highly required if you are watching or intending to watch this series full of excitement, twists, and head-blowing things.

Why Money Heist is worth watching

  • Normally people don’t sympathize with robbers. But they will make you believe they are the underdogs. And people love underdogs. They make you believe they are against the capitalist government.
  • They have shown the importance of different relations.
  • Every member of the heist has some different life stories which inspire and also many people could relate to them. 
  • Last but not the least, Money Heist has set up a different theme which revolves around robbing and changing the general perceptions about the robbers. They have made them ideal by showing the failure of the state. This is a new theme to choose from and make a series on it. 


The show is amazing till the time you see it with the mindset of the director or in simple words, till the time the show plays with your brain. But as soon as you start watching it with an open mind, by using your intelligence and perceptions you will realize that it is a fiction where everything is happening according to the need and imagination of the show and director respectively. 

Since, the show is trending on Netflix and has been hyped beyond its expectations among the Netflix users you must watch the series since it has all the sort of emotions, thrill, and entertainment you expect from any series.

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