The Story Of DANIEL RADCLIFFE has Just Gone Viral!


How can someone forget about the Harry Potter series? 

Since childhood, this series has been in everyone’s mind and the most liked character of this film was Harry Potter itself or you can say DANIEL RADCLIFFE. He has won hearts from children to adults of all ages. Today we are sharing more about your favorite actor including the net worth of this series and the things which you never heard before.

Let’s dig deep into the personal, career, and net worth of DANIEL RADCLIFF 

Personal life – 

Daniel was born in London on the year 23 July 1989 and their parent’s names were – mother Marcia Jeannine and father Alan George Radcliff. His schooling was discontinued when the director signed him for the film. For him maintaining both the things parallel like education and acting become troublesome. As you have also seen that – the age of all the recognized characters of the first Harry Potter was the same as young children. Furthermore, it becomes his dream to be an actor or screenwriter in the future. Due to this reason he dropped out of his college or school and put all his efforts into acting. Most people would be unaware of the fact that his first film was not HARRY POTTER, it was the TAILOR OF PANAMA but it didn’t give Daniel expected fame. 

Career – 

In 2000, during the audition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, film director Chris Columbus considered his name for the main character HARRY in the film. After he got finalized for the film then he was very much nervous about the role he is doing and wondered whether he can perform best or not. Then that day has also come when the first part of Harry Potter was released in the year 2001. From his first leading role, he has received a six-figure salary but he was no more interested in it. Positive ratings or feedback and popularity of the part has dropped down all the conflicts or doubts in the mind of critics. The next installment of the part was released in the year 2003, but the audience was sure about the lead actor’s performance. So the same reviews and ratings have opened the door of possibility, and next released in the year 2004. 

Awards – 

Due to his excellent performance, he has received several awards, and one of the awards he has received for the “Best Male Actor” in the year 2008. In front of the GRAUMAN’S CHINESE THEATRE, three lead characters of the film have left the remark of feet or hands. Also, he has received the “global superstar” award in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. He has said that – he was feeling proud to be a part of the series for his whole life. Because this will remain in the hearts of their audience as a memory forever. While doing the film, he has shared a guest appearance in the West End Theater Production. He was also part of the film December Boys which was released in the year 2007.  

Other – 

After getting famous Daniel has donated his wealth to charity and this shows his decent gesture. Similarly, he has done several social welfare projects and urged his fans or audience for donations of children’s welfare. Most of the time he has also supported the political campaigns and he is also selected as a supportive member of the LGBTQ community. One of the thought he has shared about lesbian or bisexual people are – he is blessed to not be in their situation but if I get a chance to do something for them then why should not be involved in this? 

He has also worked in the television film DAVID COPPERFIELD released in the year 1999 and also done the horror film the WOMEN IN THE BLACK released in the year 2012. The net worth of DANIEL RADCLIFFE is about $110 million and earns per month $15 million. 

Relationships – 

In the set of “Kill your darlings”, he met with American actress, Erin Darke, and has fallen in a relationship since 2012. He has also revealed his neurological disorder, Dyspraxia that is becoming trouble even though he is unable to tie the laces. His family is supported and always assists him to lie his feet on the ground only. After the series of HARRY POTTER, he was considered as a – “young richest man in the UK” and earned 14$ million from every installment. 


The addiction of HARRY POTTER will be there in everyone’s mood and every fan has craved to see all the three-character again in the future. Well, it depends if this happens or not but if you want to know more about your favorite actor then you can read to get into deep. 

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