Chrome Dino: A Pastime Game To Play When Internet Is Off

Chrome Dino

Dinosaurs have always been the center of interest for fossil experts and even common people. These large fearsome lizards ruled the earth centuries ago, until a meteor hit the earth and ended their regime. These species came in different forms including the ones who could fly with large wings. Due to their scary appearance we might think them to be carnivorous species, but it is not. 


Not all dinosaurs were flesh-eaters. There were herbivore dinosaurs too who fed on plants. Dinosaurs might have become history now, still, the craze of getting more about them is still sustaining. There are movies like Jurassic Park and The Lost World that became blockbusters at the box office.  Well, I am not here to come up with the whole encyclopedia of these giant reptiles, but an exciting game called Chrome Dino

About Chrome Dino Game

Apart from water and food if there is any other element that we cannot live without is of course the internet. It is the essential need for professional life. However, it is not possible that the internet will run all hours. There are times when it gets off due to some external disturbances. And this becomes irritating as you need to complete your task on time or may be other necessary reasons. 


It requires a lot of patience to get it back. Meanwhile you can play a chrome dino game that you see when the internet is off. This game was created seven years ago by the mastermind Sebastien Gabriel. This game can be played when you press the spacebar of your keyboard. The main character in this game is a T-Rex dinosaur or tyrannosaurus. 


It is a very simple hop and jump game where your character dinosaur moves, escaping the cactus plants and the flying dinosaurs that come in the mid-way. The more you move further dodging them, the more your score goes up. The game received immense popularity with 270 millions games being played monthly as revealed by its creators. 


Note: Other than black and white, the colored version of this game is also available. 

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