No Confidence in Imran: Pakistan Turns into a Sitcom for the World

no confidence in Imran

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan once again adjourned the hearing of one of the most crucial conflicts going on in the country. The court asked Babar Awan, who was present in the court to represent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, to provide the court with minutes of the latest parliament meeting. The court asked them to prove to the court that the no-confidence motion passed against the prime minister was a foreign conspiracy led by the USA.

Opposition Passed A No-Confidence Vote Against Pak Pm:

Pakistani Prime minister Imran Khan received a no-confidence motion from the opposition party on Sunday. Raged by an unexpected move by the opposition, Imran Khan sought help from his colleague and the president of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi. 

Pak President Dissolves The Parliament:

Dr. Alvi in response to the vote of no confidence passed against the prime minister dissolved the government. He also announced that elections shall be held in the country for the National Assembly seats. It must be noted that Dr. Alvi is a member of the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). 

This came as a major shock for not just members of the opposition but also the citizens of the country. This step by Dr. Alvi is not just a violation of the constitution but also a threat to democracy. 

The Usa Conspiracy Theory:

Prime minister Imran Khan has been claiming ever since the vote of no confidence was passed against him, that the opposition party has joined hands with the USA and has been secretly conspiring to bring down his government. 

Pakistan has had a history of instability and toxic politics in its governance. Blaming another country for internal conflicts not only further deteriorates the equations of Pak with the USA, but will also expose the internal political issues of the country in front of the entire world.

Concocted Stories Of Imran Khan: Lisa Curtis

Responding to the claims made by the Prime minister of Pakistan, Former administration official, Lisa Curtis, who worked for Trump and had also accompanied the former US President on his India Tour, asserted that in her opinion that Imran Khan has been coming up with new concocted stories to hide the instability and lack of support for his government in his own country. She also clarified that the USA had no interest in interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs or trying to overturn the present government in the country.

The Opposition Party Seeks Justice From The Sc:

The high-profile case reached the Supreme Court of Pakistan. On Wednesday, the court sought the minutes of the National Security Council meeting and adjourned to look into claims of a foreign country conspiring against the prime minister. The prime minister has been receiving some criticism for dissolving the parliament instead of facing the no-confidence vote passed against him.

The opposition parties that passed a no-confidence vote against the prime minister, stated that the prime minister and president had violated the democracy of the country by rejecting the no-confidence vote as further exploitation of their powers. The opposition party in their statement appealed to the supreme court of the country to punish the culprits and re-establish stable democracy. 

On Thursday, a day after adjourning the court hearings, the supreme court resumed the hearings. The court had assured that they shall be ruling out a “reasonable order” on the matter and catering justice to the citizens of the country. However, the court has already adjourned the hearing four times and has been delaying the “justice”. Now that finally the hearing has been resumed, the fate of the prime minister shall be decided anytime soon.

Imtiaz Siddiqui Questions The Interference Of The Judiciary In The Parliament

Imtiaz Siddiqui, in one of his recent statements, asserted that parliament is a self-sufficient body and no other body, including the judiciary, should be interfering with the internal affairs of the parliament. Imtiaz Siddiqui is the lawyer of Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan. Imtiaz said this is in context to the opposition party taking the matter to the court, seeking justice.

Isn’t The Court The Guardian Of The Constitution: Justice Mazhar Alam

Responding to the assertion made by Pak PM’s lawyer Imtiaz Siddiqui, Justice Mazhar Alam questioned “Isn’t the court the guardian of the Constitution?” He further questioned, wouldn’t it be hard to cater justice if the court decides to remain silent on matters of the parliament that would directly or indirectly affect the citizens of the nation.

 Pak In Unstable For 90 Days: Chief Justice Sc

Responding to the demand for elections by the ruling party, the chief justice of the supreme court asserted that by calling for elections, the government has put the country in a vulnerable and unstable state for 90 days. He expressed his concern regarding the decision. Given that the country has also been listed for its nuclear power, the concern seems justified. It is high time that the ruling party must realize that leaving a country vulnerable in the hands of political instability, isn’t a smart choice.

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