Is Delhi about to Crumble by the Turbulence of Covid-19 and Air Pollution?

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With the widespread growth of Covid-19 cases, Delhi has snatched the record of most of the cities to become one of the highest coronavirus contagious cities in the world. Nowadays, Delhi also kickstarts its day with the increasing pollution, as well as, an increasing number of deaths. 


This turbulence has shaken the lives of most people in Delhi. However, the interesting fact is there are some people in Delhi and the outskirts of Delhi who are least worried about the pandemic. These people’s carelessness has resulted in an uprise of cases as they have now become the carrier of the Covid-19 virus. 


We being the responsible citizens of the country, needs to realize that we are on the verge of pushing ourselves to a kind of life we never even want our enemies to lead. But yes, cities like Delhi need to understand it first, where the death rate, the spread of the Covid-19, and pollution are going hand in hand to climb to the crest. 


According to the latest data on Delhi, forty-five thousand people have succumbed to death due to air pollution in 2020, and around eighty-three hundred people have died from this global pandemic. 

Why Delhi? 

Delhi being the capital city experience the utmost level of migrants from underdeveloped states of India, making it as one of the highly-dense city in terms of population. The level of pollution is directly proportional to the growth of the population in the respected zone. And because of the high density in population, the cluster has acted as a push force to rise the spread of the pandemic. 

Turbulence of Covid-19 and Air Pollution


Meanwhile, with good health facilities and virus slaughtering summer in Delhi, the recovery rate and the death rate have shown an increasing and decreasing trend respectively. The Delhiites took the situation way more lightly than it shouldn’t be. Moreover, with the emergence of the festive season and winters, the virus took its prestigious position in all the latest headlines. 


Why Now?

The time of October, November, and December is the festive hype time of India. Since Delhi is the hub of all the religions, the festive lists start from Navratra followed by Durga Puja, Dusshera, Diwali, Bhai Duj, Chhath Puja, Christmas, and finally the most awaited time the end of 2020 and blooming of a New Year.  


During this festive time, the road of Delhi Looks like a mess, that gears up the level of pollution to reach the highest AQI level of 486. And most importantly, friends and relatives act as the best in the spread of the Covid-19, social distancing is given the least priority at these times. 


From the Local vendors to the celebs everyone forgets that a lockdown named policy was implemented as a controlling measure and to ensure social distancing, where they have shown their efforts by keeping the stores closed and promoting the safety guidelines respectively. 

Winters and Covid-19

Delhi is the most predictable city when it comes to predicting climatic conditions as it faces extreme summers and extreme winters at the same time. Because of the unbearable summer, the virus had to face bleeding eyes to bear the summer. 


But once the summers are gone, the winters have acted as the best companion for this pandemic. We can compare it with the cases of winter countries like the United States, France, Russia, and others. According to Dr. Jameel, the cultures of viruses survive better in cold conditions.


Another aspect behind the disruption in Delhi is pollution. Pollution tends to stick for a longer time in the environment during the winter because of foggy weather. The Delhiites are quite familiar with the term smog, which is a mixture of smoke and fog. Because of the fog, the pollutants get a shelter to stay and make people suffer from different threatening diseases

Bottom Line 

Seeing the current situation, the government should take the necessary actions. Especially like the period of lockdown, when the corona cases were forced to be in control. Also, because of the lack of activities in factories and roads, the level of pollution came under a satisfying level. Keeping the economy and public welfare in balance, a necessary set of measures needs to be discussed by the high authority boards. Besides, it was visibly seen and proven that if the coronavirus is under control then to some extent, we will also be able to control the pollution as well.

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Shreshtha Mukherjee

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