What Is Spinal Cord Injury And Who Are Spine Specialist?

Spine Specialist In Jaipur

Damage to the spinal cord is known as a spinal cord injury. It’s a severe form of physical trauma that will undoubtedly have a long-term and considerable influence on most elements of daily life. The spinal cord is a nervous wreck, and another tissue is contained and protected by the spine’s vertebrae. The vertebrae are the bones that make up the spine and are piled on top of each other.

A spine specialist is a doctor who specialises in treating issues with the spinal cord. Spine specialists are every other call for them. A spine specialist is a board-licensed doctor specialising in head to toe musculoskeletal problems. This, of course, consists of the backbone. A spinal cord expert can address ruptured discs, scoliosis, and different sorts of neck and lower back pain. One can find a spine specialist in Jaipur.

What Is The Definition Of A Spinal Cord Injury?

The spinal cord transmits information from the brain to the whole body. A quick, severe impact on the vertebrae causes most spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord, as well as its nerves, are then damaged by the fracture (broken) bones. An injury can entirely sever and split the spinal cord in rare situations. The spine specialist in Jaipur is very good.

What Are The Effects Of A Spinal Cord Damage On The Body?

If nerves can’t connect with the brain because of an injury, the body loses a lot of important activities. 

  • Bowel (intestinal) & bladder (bladder) function
  • Respiratory.
  • The rate of your heart.
  • Muscle activity.
  • Reaction speed.
  • Feeling.

What Types Of Spinal Cord Injuries Are There?

A complete or partial spinal cord damage can occur:

  • Complete: A complete injury results in total paralysis (loss of function) just under the level of the injury. It has an impact on both upper and lower limbs. Complete paralysis of all limbs (quadriplegia) or lower body paralysis can result from complete injuries (paraplegia).
  • Incomplete: Some functions on one or perhaps both sides of the body survive after an incomplete injury. In other ways, the brain and body can still coordinate.

What Signs And Symptoms Does One Have If He/She Have A Spinal Cord Injury?

The type (complete or partial) and location of both the damage determine the symptoms of the spinal cord injury. If people observe any one of the following symptoms after an injury, seek medical help right away:

  • Arms and/or legs weakness.
  • Sensation loss in the arms and/or legs.
  • control of the bladder or bowels is lost.
  • Neck or back pain or pressure is severe.
  • Unusual bumps running down the spine
  • Breathing problems.

Who Is A Spine Specialist?

The Spine specialists treat spinal injuries or any other problems related to the spine. These people specialist in identifying and treating the issues of the spine. Spine specialist in Jaipur is good at providing the spine treatment.


Spinal cord injuries can result in muscle weakening or full loss of function, loss of feeling in the body just under the point of damage, lack of bladder and bowel control, as well as loss of functional sexual function. In most cases, major spinal cord injuries remain permanent. Some functional rehabilitation may be possible with incomplete spinal cord damages over time. These injuries are address by the spine specialists who have undergone extensive training and are certified to provide this type of care.

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