Deadly Skin Diseases From Toxic Skin-Care Products

Beauty and Healthcare Routine are the major concerns for every woman. Women strive towards maintaining their healthy skin for as long as they can. However, the skin is the largest organ of a human body and it is connected with the overall health of the body. If one of the organs is not in proper condition, they ultimately affect the skin in some way or the other. Therefore, maintaining overall health is crucial for healthy skin. 

The current lifestyle and dietary habits pose a major threat to one’s health. Therefore, women depend upon various cosmetics and skincare products to tackle skin damage, inflammation, acne and several skin problems. These products can only help upto a certain extent. A slight overdose of these products can put some catastrophic problems to the skin.

At one point, the damage occurred due to the overuse of these skin products could be irreversible. Every individual has a different skin type and skin is the most exposed organ of the body. The exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and several pollutants in the atmosphere can do so much damage to the skin. Therefore, it becomes a priority to protect the skin. 

Major Skin Diseases and Disorders Caused By Harmful Skin Products

Toxic skin products are the main cause of skin diseases and disorders. People are mostly lured into buying these skin products. Medieval and gullible skincare advertisements and campaigns are the main reasons for people to buy these products. These products are mostly filled with dangerous chemicals that initially promise you the results and eventually leave long-lasting pigmentations and damage to the skin. 

Acne – The majority of people all across the world are facing this skin disorder for a long period of time and there are no proven medical treatments to resolve this issue. Acne is mostly caused by women and the main reason is the use of toxic skincare products. 

Acne can occur anywhere in the body. It mostly starts spreading through the face, neck, shoulder and chest. Then it reaches to almost all parts of the body. Blackheads, cysts, lumps, and pimples are some examples of acne. 

Blisters – Blisters are tiny bubbles like skin disorders that are filled with fluids. They are caused due to exposure of skin to harsh and pressurized environments. Due to extreme pressure and heat, the skin gets inflammation and blisters occur in large numbers. They leave scars by the time they get cured. 

HIves – These skin disorders are the result of toxic allergens in the environment. These allergens are microscopic and can easily penetrate into the skin through pores. The people with weak immunity to allergens are prone to this disorder. Various skin care products weaken the ability of the skin eventually and therefore, skin loses its integrity to fight against foreign elements in the environment. 

Latex Allergy – Although latex is completely safe for the skin as it is not toxicated in anyways. However, some people have different body conditions. Our skin has an automated mechanism to resist or fight foreign allergens biologically. 

In some cases, this mechanism fails to differentiate between various foreign elements and develops mechanisms to tackle the unknown elements. This causes allergy in the skin. The person may experience warm, itchy, and red-pigmented wheels on a specific area of the body which could get worse, and immediate medical attention might be needed during those times. 

Natural Ways Prevent Skin Disorders And Develop Healthy Skin

The best way to avoid all the skin complications and issues to go organic. There are several ways to treat your skin through natural oils and homemade remedies. You can use olive oil. It is known for several benefits to the skin. Olive oil is mostly used as a cleanser and moisturizer for the skin. It makes sure that your natural skin oil – Sebum does not strip away while treating your skin. Sebum is extremely important for the protection of the skin. 

Coconut is the best ingredient to help your skin for moisturizing purposes. Its property to become solid during the room temperature can act as a protective layer for the skin. 

You can also use compressed milk. It is one of the best ways to soothe itchy skin and treat skin inflammation. Compressed milk contains high contents of lactic acid that works crucially with the skin providing all the natural vitamins and minerals required for developing healthy skin. 

Aloe vera is a naturally available ingredient that could be found in our everyday garden. You savor a few dentals of aloe vera, squeeze them and extract the liquid out the dentals. The aloe vera gel should gently be applied and massaged over the skin. It helps to treat red and dry skin. You can notice immediate results just after using the aloe vera gel once or twice.

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