How Effective is Youtube yoga!!

Hatha yoga

Youtube has become an indispensable part of our day to day life. From the recipe of the morning creamsicle smoothie to the tricks of earning massive cashback on the purchase you do. Literally, everything is available on this platform to learn through videos. You can choose from the best of the best and learn at your own pace at any time of the day at no cost.

Under this skillful umbrella of Youtube where one can learn as much as they want. I want to shed some light on one barely touched yet sensitive topic – Youtube Yoga.

Yoga means union but what union means is itself confusing to many of us. Einstein said – everything is energy. Religion says “God is Everything.” So if we observe closely, somewhere, we are interpreting the energy as God. Now union means the state of being united, so we can derive the meaning of yoga as uniting with the energy in the system.

Have you ever observed how slow yoga classes have been sometimes? Some instructors took approximately fifteen minutes to get someone into perfection. This might be bothersome to some people but for the one who knows the science of yoga understands that speed is not the parameter of determining how effective the practice is. 

So, the most important thing is how you are doing it, how conscious you are while performing asanas, or transitioning from one posture to another. 

There is a Zen story. Two homes are located adjacent to each other. One family is known to be the kindest of all, doing all the “good things” in society and helpful to everyone who came to their door. The other one is selfish and is concerned only about themselves. Both planted a tree in front of their house. After a month, the tree in front of the selfish family bloomed, but the one in front of the kind family dried up!

The reason was – the selfish family watered it! The moral of the story is unless you do the right thing, the right thing won’t happen. No matter how good you behave outside unless you do what is needed for the tree, it won’t bloom.

The same is the case with yoga. The science of how you keep your body solely depends on only one thing. You must learn Yoga in-person rather than jumping to multiple videos on Youtube or any other platform and performing wrong at your home. The people who are presenting themselves on these social media platforms have put a certain amount of time and energy to learn yogic practices. If you really want to learn the skills it is best to go and learn in person from a teacher, as half knowledge is always dangerous. Learning from Youtube means interpretation, which varies from person to person.

Go and watch, inspire yourself, give yourself a push to perform, but do not perform merely by watching some videos or reading a book. Reach out to some genuine yoga teachers and ask them about what you expect from the class, and learn from them. Happy Exercising! 

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