Know The Best Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga

We all know about Yoga, the form of exercise predominantly associated with the balancing of the body while making any movement called posture or “Asana”. 

Today I’m going to discuss a very uncommon form of yoga called Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is uncommon because people only know “yoga” as an exercise regime, they do not know what are different types of yoga forms available and which to ask for while joining any yoga class… 

Broadly, there are ten types of yoga available ( that are taught in the yoga classes nowadays) here I’m going to discuss one of them called Hatha yoga. 

“Ha” means the Sun while “Tha” denotes the moon. Yoga is made to manipulate the energy in the human system in a certain way that you and your body will drive the energy in a specific direction. And, hatha yoga works as a preparation for the body to achieve the balance between the Nadis named Ida ( the one that denotes the sun) and Pingala ( the one that denotes the moon). Which ultimately prepares the body for higher possibilities. 

This form of yoga has entered the west over twenty years now, but still leaves most of us to a desire for it as the health benefits of practicing Hatha yoga are unassailable no matter what profession you are in, you can still incorporate the form of yoga into your regime. 


Apart from the flexibility and peace which can be taken as the “side-effects” of practicing any form of yoga, practicing hatha yoga brings you the experience of oneness within your system for everything. It’s not just about twisting and turning your body in a certain way but, about dedicating the time and energy to attain a state when your body is no longer a barrier for anything you want to achieve. 


Have you observed your body position, when you are angry and peaceful? both of them are significantly different! One day when you are depressed you sit another way while another day when you are happy you sit another way!

For every different level of consciousness, your body behaves differently, and hatha yoga is about knowing about the way your body behaves and let you consciously get into any posture you make. 


Right now, if someone has a backache or the knee is painful, the biggest thing they can aspire to in the universe is to stop the pain. Even if GOD appears they will ask for this only! As for a person going through it is immensely disturbed by it. Your all longings will simply disappear once it starts hurting.

Going for Hatha yoga is all about removing the barrier the body creates. You want to sit straight, no matter for whatever hours, your body is never against you… it supports you and practicing Hatha yoga is achieving this one thing. 

You can ask your yoga teacher about what practices they offer in Hatha yoga as the branch itself carries a set of practices within. It is best to do the practices under the guidance of a verified yoga teacher rather than jumping to youtube yoga or book yoga which can cause immense harm to the system.

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