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Jaipur, also known as pink city is famous all over India. Many tourists come from different countries to visit Jaipur. The culture of Jaipur is very beautiful and attractive. In the last few years, Jaipur has developed very much. Many new hospitals, hotels, schools have opened till now. The medical facilities offered by hospitals there are very well known all over India. There are many hospitals. Whether you want to go for a gynecologist, dentist, or Orthopedic Doctor in Jaipur, you will get so many options to choose from. 

Many new hospitals are also going to open having more doctors and better medical facilities. When it comes to health, you should never compromise. Today, diabetes, arthritis, bone cancer are some common diseases faced by patients. Adults face arthritis which causes pain in the knee joint. The patients having arthritis feel difficulties while walking.  Some severe conditions like bone cancer can be very risky if not treated at any time. Therefore, it’s better to consult an orthopedic doctor when you feel any pain in bones and joints.

Why Do we have Orthopedic Diseases?

Some orthopedic diseases are congenital while some diseases like osteonecrosis, osteoporosis is caused over time due to various reasons. 

Some possible reasons why we face orthopedic problems are following:

  • Ageing – As a person grows old, his bones start losing calcium. As a result, the bones become weak and there are more chances of fractures. Therefore, people in old age should take special care of their health. They should not perform activities that apply too much pressure on their bones.
  • Being overweight or Obesity- Obesity is the root cause of many diseases. Having too much weight on the body creates problems in the weight-bearing process of the body. The foot and knee joint get extra pressure due to the excess weight in the body.  This makes the bones and joints weak. There might be a pain in bones and joints.

The only solution to this problem is to lose that extra weight and get healthy.

  • Sports injuries- Many times, the persons taking part in the sports get severe injuries. Spain is the most common type of sports injury. Fractures and bone dislocations are also possible while playing the sports like football, basketball, cricket, etc. Sometimes, some players get very severe injuries where they immediately need to go to the hospital for treatments.
  • The wrong posture – Wrong sitting habits can cause pain in bones. Many spines related medical problems are caused due to having a wrong sitting habit. Therefore, the posture of the body should be correct. Prolonged sitting on chairs can cause pain in the neck and spine. 
  • Injuries caused during Gym – Little soreness and pain in muscles are common when a person exercises. But during weight lifting, the wrong weight lifting techniques can cause pain in muscles and bones. These injuries get treated on some days but in some cases, they may cause severe pain in the bones and muscles. Therefore, always be careful while at your gym.

What Should You Do if You have Any Orthopedic problems?

Since we have already discussed various problems that might cause pain in bones but what to do if you are having an orthopedic problem. Consultation,  yes you have to consult with an orthopedic doctor. You just have to tell the doctor about your pain or anything you are feeling in your bones. The doctor will tell you the reason for orthopedic condition. The Orthopedic Doctor in Jaipur has treated thousands of patients having such orthopedic conditions in past few years.

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