Senior Care: Early Signs Your Elderly Might Need It

senior care

Senior Care is gaining popularity day by day. The people who were there for you all your life need care for themselves. You’re going through a difficult phase and it ain’t easy. They want someone to assist them and help them with their daily basic chores of life. It’s difficult to accept the reality of the situation and it’s okay to take time and make up your mind.

Finding the right care for your elderly can be challenging in these times. You might have heard about in-house caregivers and retirement homes. The question is, when’s the right time to make the decision? Even when they don’t say, how’ll you know it’s the right time to step in?

Signs Your Loved One Needs Assistance

You pay a visit to your parents and find them weak and different from the last time. Look out for early signs of declining health, so you can execute a plan to improve their quality of life. Once you figure out and understand, that’s when you need to look out for a trusted caregiving agency. When looking out for options, do check out Heartfelt Companion Caregivers.

Here are a few signs that indicate your elderly need assistance or additional care.

A Recent Diagnosis Of Their Health

Elderly adults who are recently diagnosed with a health condition demand skilled care. A licensed nurse, physical therapist, or full-time care. It depends on the health conditions, and if they can be managed by home health care. They include:

  • Heart failure
  • Cardio Issues such as stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma or other health conditions
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Thyroid
  • Cancer

The elderly who have recently undergone surgery might require post-surgical care. They also

need additional help with their daily activities.

They’re Suffering from Memory Issues

Memory loss or minor Alzheimer’s can be one of the most common signs of an in-home care emergency. Not keeping up with daily activities and missing out on important appointments, utility bills, medications, and daily chores are alarming.

They Need Help Outdoors

Even if your parents spend most of their time indoors, they do need to leave the house for basic necessities like family events, medical emergencies, appointments, or religious activities. If they require additional help or a great deal of effort, home health care may help.

They might need a walker, wheelchair or another person’s help to leave home. It does require a great deal of effort and assistance to do so.

They Aren’t Taking Their Medications as They Should

Most people, after hitting their 80s suffer from memory loss or other such problems. It can be dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other such issues. It’s highly likely for someone like this to miss his medication. Pay high attention if they aren’t filling their pill boxes every week.

Some medications which include heart, blood pressure, and diabetes can lead to harmful results if missed.

They’re Not Eating Well

Your aging parents may not be able to eat well and fulfill their nutritional intake. Missing out on your regular meals can leave you lethargic and weak. It’s usually because they are unable to manage their daily tasks.

You don’t want your parents to lack proper nutrition to risk their emotional, mental and physical health.

Housekeeping Not Up to the Mark

Did you use to visit your parent’s home and see everything clean and sorted some time ago? Now you observe a mess in the kitchen, laundry piled high with dishes in the sink. It’s high time to consider that they’re having trouble managing housework. It’s high time you start looking for additional help to make daily chores easier for them. Even when they don’t agree with this, make them understand why they need it.

Don’t worry if you have recently discovered such issues. Platforms like Heartfelt Companion Caregivers are here to aid such individuals and help them carry out their daily tasks easily.

They Recently Suffered a Fall

Walking while maintaining balance is a significant concern at this stage. A fall can be dangerous and trigger multiple health issues. Even in some cases, the person becomes disabled for a lifetime. When it gets difficult for your parents to climb stairs, do daily chores or take a shower without support, it’s better to suggest they get additional help

According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, one out of three older adults (65+) falls each year, but only half talk about it with a healthcare provider. Also, tell them the importance of sharing with you if they fall or have trouble walking.

Change in Behaviour

Has your mom been acting weird recently? Have you observed any change in the behavior of your dad? Such signs highlight early signs of dementia or other memory problems. It can be a minor issue or a major change such as a shift in personality.

The good news is that there are many different strategies to prevent such diseases. You just need to make sure your parents regularly indulge in the recommended activities. We have highlighted a few of such activities below:

  • Help them learn new things
  • Moderate exercise regularly
  • Socializing with friends and family
  • Incorporating a healthy diet

Lack of Interest in Hobbies

Your loved one has recently lost showing interest in hobbies they used to enjoy previously. It’s usually a sign of depression or anxiety. Instead of ignoring such signs, take appropriate actions to get them out of it. Aging adults do suffer from chronic pain, physical illnesses, and weakness which can lead to depression.

It’s hard to see your loved ones getting old and not being active like they used to be. Don’t miss out on the subtle signs of depression.

Struggling to Find a Suitable Home Care for Your Parents?

You now know the major warning signs that your aging parents need home care. The next step is to start your hunt by shortlisting suitable home care for them. To ensure everyone is on the same page and to prevent surprises, it is ideal to talk about the future with elderly parents as soon as possible.

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