Metal Tongue Scrapers Or Plastic Tongue Scrapers? Which One Should You Choose?

Tongue Scrapers are getting popular nowadays to decrease the bacterial infection and other germs present on our tongue. These scrapers are used by people to eliminate plaque which can cause tastelessness and other problems.


Best Tongue Scrapers There are many types of tongue scrapers available in the market. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In two major categories there are two tongue scrapers; Metal Tongue Scraper and Plastic Tongue Scraper.


Which one of them is best?


1- Plastic Tongue Scrapers

Plastic Tongue Scrapers are good and handy to use. They are extremely durable and easy to use. However, most of the plastic tongue scrapers are made of toothbrush plastic-like materials. Some of the defects caused by plastic tongue scrapers are:


Environmental Pollution: Due to its plastic build, it is environmentally unfriendly. Not even a single piece of plastic has yet decomposed. It may result in the production of micro plastics and can pollute the oceans, as well as marine life. Many micro pieces of plastic brushes are being found in the stomachs of fish and other aquatic lives.


Destruction and Decomposing Non-Recyclable Plastic: It can destroy many life-chains. It may result in sickness and other bacilli in the ocean that can affect marine life and humans. Pollution can increase the chances of global warming. The plastic is never decomposed or in another case, it might take tens of hundreds of years to meet an end. Though it can be recycled, most of the people are unaware of it.


2- Metal Tongue Scrapers: Metal Tongue Scrapers are quite different to use. Metal Scrapers are popular due to their flexibility. One can adjust the size and width of the scraper according to the size of the tongue. To use the tongue scraper, grab both ends of the metal scraper firmly by both of the hand’s index and thumb and rub it gently over the tongue to remove bacteria. Some of the advantages of using a metal tongue scraper are:


Environmental Friendly: Environmentally friendly elements are one of the economical naturally occurring elements. Metal tongue scrapers are much more environmentally friendly as compared to polymer one. They are durable and last longer. Furthermore, they are flexible and reusable. It lasts much longer than polymer scrapers, they are flexible and can be adjusted according to the tongue. One can make them work again by cleaning it with some non-toxic disinfectant.


Anti Rust: Made by the help of an Alloy, also called stainless steel. This alloy is anti-rust and durable. It is 100% safe to use with an extremely low rate of bacteria transfer.


Comparatively, we can see the effects of both Metal and Plastic tongue scraper. Cost of both differs by a margin because of their quality and longevity. Plastic can be a source of bacteria and pathogens and must be used with precautions. In the end, we can conclude that Metal Tongue Scrapers are better than those of Polymer Tongue Scrapers, with every aspect. With the help of any tongue scraper, one can fight many problems such as halitosis and bad breath.

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