Is India Progressing Toward The Fourth Wave Of Covid?

Fourth Wave Of Covid

May is right around the corner and everyone has their fingers crossed for a safe and healthy summer without any more lockdowns. Triggering our fear further, Covid-19 cases have been rising at a rapid rate in 12 states of the country. The week took off with three at the beginning, which rose to six, towards its end. Between 18th April to 24th April, the cases reached a figure of 15,700. Last week, they maintained a figure of 8,050, gaining a rise of 95%.

For eleven continuous weeks, the cases had been on a decline, and right when we thought we were moving towards a covid-free country, the cases jumped to an acceleration of 95%. Three major States that have accounted for the maximum number of cases are Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

The NCR cities have had a major rise in the new cases. Last week, India had just three cities on the verge of an explosion in terms of another COVID outbreak. Well, this week, nine other countries have made it to the list and have been showing a great rise in the number of new cases. These states are Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Rajasthan, and Punjab.

This week, Delhi has recorded 6,326 new cases, which makes 2.7 times the cases from last week (2,307). Haryana recorded 2,296 and UP recorded 1,278 cases, making them double the previous week.  

There are two theories that explain the rise in these cases. Some have been suggesting that omicron’s subvariant has made it to the market and is affecting local life now. While some tend to believe that our population received its second dose of vaccination, almost a year ago. Within this period, our immunities have dropped, resulting in increased cases. 

Despite the increase in cases, there is one factor of relief for everyone. The data suggests that the fatalities have been minimal in these cases. Kerala is amongst the few states that have had a surprising fatality Rate.

 For the States other than the 12, that we mentioned above, there is an increase of about 80 to 90 cases a week. While it had an increase of  48%, with 996 new cases, Kerala reported 1,790 new cases. Karnataka recorded 565 new cases with an increase of 71%, while Tamil Nadu recorded an increase of 62%, being exceeded by Bengal with 66%. Telangana has had an increase of 24%.

Why Do We Need To Worry?

Although the fatality rate is quite low, the infection of coronavirus still counts as life-threatening and might cause irreparable damage to the body, especially its respiratory system. Previous COVID infections in patients led their lungs to a varied range of fibrosis that permanently damaged a part of their lungs.

The rate at which new cases have been coming up, especially in states like  Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Rajasthan, and Punjab, is alarming. The acceleration in its rate suggests that it might not take much time for the fourth wave of coronavirus to take us all under its grasp.

Also, with CBSE planning to conduct the boards examination for 10th and 12th standards, the risk of an outburst across the country increases manifold. Schools and colleges have already been receiving a large attendance from students, without following many precautions.

Several doctors have suggested that the people who have already suffered from a coronavirus infection, must be protected against any other kind of infection, especially, from any sub varieties of the virus itself. 

A Sigh Of Relief!

Although the virus is able to infect anyone despite them having been vaccinated with both the crucial doses of the corona vaccine, vaccination has definitely brought down its effect on our bodies. It is due to the vaccination that the fatality rates are minimal and the rate of recovery amongst patients is splendid.

Some medical health practitioners talked about the importance of a booster dose and the benefits one might relish after having received it. The booster dose of vaccination has been added to the Emergency Use Listing (EUL), by the WHO

With the rise of the SARS-CoV2, the importance of booster dose has been realized, to enhance the immunity of our population against any other infection that could take over it. 

What Can We Do?

Most places and Institutes across the country have become very careless and lenient about the COVID guidelines to be followed in order to protect oneself. People have reduced the use of masks to cover their noses and mouth. This might force us into the mouth of another COVID wave.

While it might take some time for the government to execute strict preventive measures once again, as aware individuals, we must take our safety into our hands and take every measure possible, to protect ourselves and our families against the potential fourth wave.

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