5 of the most Bizarre Things Women Have Been Judged Upon

5 of the most Bizarre Things Women Have Been Judged Upon

A statement made by Tirath Rawat, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand has the social media sites, especially twitter, on fire. The politician talked about how he felt women wearing ripped jeans were not able to raise a good household and we’re defying the culture and the value system of the country. After his statement, several women came forward to criticize his words and mentality. While there were also some, who thought there wasn’t any wrong in what he had said.


If we may sit and ponder, this isn’t the first time when women have received criticism for their choices. It is almost like a routine for most of us. In this article, we shall be discussing the 10 most judged aspects and choices that most women have to go through.


  • Tattoos : Despite the fact that tattoos are not at all alien to the Indian culture and that we have several sections of our society who have had a trend of getting their names and the names of their loved ones tattooed on their forearm, not many women get to have tattoos on their body. It is believed to bring western influences on the culture. A woman must have the right to treat herself with whatever ways she finds right. If a tattoo feels right, she should go ahead and do it, if getting pierced feels beautiful to her, then be it that way. It must be accepted that everybody has a different vision towards beauty, a different perception, and not all heads could be put into one box, so why not let everyone pursue their own vision.


  • Short hair : Short hair has always been associated with masculinity. Whenever women chose to cut their hair short, they were made to doubt their choices and consider the cliche beauty standards. However, women of strength have always accomplished whatever they desired and never really paid attention to what the world expected out of them. Actresses like Mandira Bedi and Sayani Gupta have adorned short hair in the most elegant and beautiful ways. Kiran Bedi is another figure of strength who has short hair. The length of a woman’s hair do not define her femininity, nothing does. Rather the physical standards of beauty, masculinity, femininity must not differentiate a man from a woman. The more we try to emphasize the differences between a man and a woman, the more shall it create a gap between the two genders and the idea of companionship and equality will fade. A woman can dress the way she wants without worrying about if she looks feminine enough, similarly a man should not have to worry about the baseless norms and standards of masculinity and should be able to express himself.


  • Red lip color : The colour red has always been associated with boldness and fearlessness. A woman wearing a red lip color is often called indecent and becomes a receiver of the false judgments and comments of the society. Therefore, many women are deprived of the freedom to even wear the colour of their choice. However, actresses like Rekha and many others wore what they believed in and turned all the heads with their confidence. Decency is what is expressed out of a person’s behaviour and not their dressing. A person’s clothes and attire could be a reflection of their personality or couldn’t be. What a man or a woman chooses to wear would depend on their mood. There can be times when a person may not think much before they choose their clothing for the day. The color of one’s lip color can never determine their personality. You could try guessing it, but judging someone based on their dress of makeup is the least thing you should be judging someone on.


  • Marriage: Marriage is considered as the ultimate goal of a woman’s life. Whatever she studies and achieves is to fulfil this one purpose. Time and again, we have had women, who did not buy this thought and proved that they were more than just substances for marriage! Neena Gupta broke all norms when she tied a knot with the love of her life at the age of 61. Marriage is an association between two people just like any other association, maybe a bit more intimate in terms of the emotional bond. A woman or even a man for that matter should get married because they find the right person and because they believe it is right for them to get married, not because of the pressure they experience due to their family and friends. Also, the right age to get married is when it feels right. Suhasini Mulay is another woman who chose marriage for herself when it felt right and not when the age was “right”.

Motherhood : Motherhood is what gives a second entity to a woman. She is reborn with a life inside her and discovers aspects of herself that were alien to herself and the world. The importance of Motherhood and its effect on a woman’s life is undeniable, but what the red flag is when we consider motherhood to be the defining part of a woman’s life, the only purpose of her life. Like any other event in life, motherhood should be a choice, not a compulsion. When a woman feels the motherly instinct being born in her all by itself and when finds herself ready to bear a baby inside her, is when she should actually plan a child, not when the age is right and when her family and friends start to pressurise her into having a baby. A woman should have the right to choose if she wants to be a mother or not, and if she does, then at what age. There have been women like actress Mona Singh, who chose to freeze eggs and use them when she is ready for a child’s responsibility. Several other women chose to adopt children rather than conceiving and many even believed they did not want to have children. It is a matter of choice!

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