Terms of Spirituality – Believers, Atheists and Agnostics VS Humanity

Belief has been a strong source of emotions that kicks the majority of a community together as one and drives the lives and upbringing of millions although also establishing a broad division between the human  kind itself, creating a drift commonly in the name of religion. Be it Hindu, christian, muslim, sikh, budhhism, have seems to crack the image of humanity before community. 


There is no denying the fact that we all need hope that gives us the daily push we need to conquer over our bad times- failure and defeat, so we find god to hold our hand like an infant and teach us to walk again. Even though born from fear or a downfall, belief is a strong emotion and has an exponentially strong energy that is almost palpable, sending chills down the spine of even the strongest atheist. But to no effect with this very reference, here we are putting atheists in a bad light.


Atheists are people that are generally shadowed in a bad light specially in orthodox cultures who follow strict traditional and cultural strains on familial upbringing. Growth and technological advent has created a broader impact on orthodox practices, convincing them to adapt to change, but those practices are still somewhat alive. 

Atheists are people who refuse to believe in the existence of god at all. Which we simply seem to forget is basic human right and should be respected. Atheists don’t take out public marches against the following or worshiping of any deity of any religion but choose to follow their own ethics and values in life but conclusively mind their own business. It’s a sad reality that the same notion is not reciprocated from those who call themselves believers who practice good in fear of being subjected to hell and slice each other’s throats in the name of god.


Agnostics are the neutral kind, who don’t exactly vocally accept their refusal of believing in god, but have grounded the notion to human kinds inability to ever find sufficient resources to prove the existence of god. A lot of people  calling themselves atheists claim to feel energies and vibes, that may make them spiritual but not a believer since they don’t follow a particular god. But they are not atheists either because they feel something but can’t anyway prove it. Similarly though in a different reference, agnostics respect and may feel a touch of spirituality but strongly believe in the unprovable factor of it all.


Finally humanity, which has somehow become mythology despite being our very nature in comparison to actual mythology which was never supposed to empower humanity. Given the very nature of today’s age and time, yes there is some growth and maturity in understanding the importance of this concept over religious belief but the core of its strength has proved its concrete nature through the strands of time. Humanity despites many people’s knowledge is what brings us as one and is always gonna be the only common thing no matter what state or country or religion or community we belong to. Bottom line we share a planet and we share it as the intellectually ruling and dominating species on earth, Humans.  

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Ashna Goel

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