What To Learn From Lord Shiva On The Eve Of Sawan Season?

Learn from Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the most revered Hindu deity known in India. He has many names. One such is Bholenath which is due to his innocent nature and easily convinced god. Shiva never showed any biased attitude between devas and rakshas. He gave the boon to demons for the hard penance and firm devotion towards him. One big example is the king of Lanka, Ravan also known as Dashanan and Lankeshwar.

This demon king did hard penance to appease Shiva who too rewarded him with the boon, and the rest we all know. Lord Shiva has a unique personality that differentiates him from other deities. Where most of the deities we see are adorned with crowns and other accessories, he wears a tiger skin and snakes as garlands on his neck. Instead of the golden throne, he sits on a tiger skin during his meditation. Coming to his physical appearance, he sports a long matted hairstyle, smears ashes on his body, carries a trident as his weapon, and plays the drum whenever in a joyful mood. Note that he is also called Nataraja (The Master of Dance).

Like other vahanas of each deity, he prefers a bull named Nandi. When he is alone in meditation, he is a vairagi and when he is with consort Parvati and sons Ganesh and Kartik he becomes a householder. He blesses his devotees much faster with the mere offering of holy Ganga water, milk, bhang, dhatura, flowers, and bael leaves. During the auspicious eve of Mahashivratri and Sawan, people even offer him panchamrita (Including sugar, jaggery, milk, yoghurt, and honey) to get his blessings.

Lessons to learn from Lord Shiva

Numerous stories of Shiva can be read from holy books like Shiv Mahapuran and even the TV serials like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Today, I would like you to learn some lessons from our beloved Lord Shiva.

  • Never tolerate wrong and evil doings in whatever circumstance
  • Live life to the fullest with self-control
  • Learn to stay calm in the weirdest situations
  • Do not be so glued to materialistic happiness, which does not remain for long
  • Suppress your ego, pride, and anger
  • Control the overflow of desires, as it leads to only destruction
  • Give respect to your consort


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