Some Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

greatest wwe wrestlers

Like other sports, WWE is very popular among young viewers. Earlier, it used to be called WWF, but due to confusion with World Wide Fund, it was renamed World Wrestling Entertainment. This wrestling sport has been popular since the 1980s and at present. Youngsters had the best pastime playing with the trump cards of these wrestlers. I am sure you must be familiar with the WWE wrestlers at that time. Today, I am going to mention some of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. So let me begin with:

Hulk Hogan

When it comes to WWE fame, then Hulk Hogan deserves to be the leading one. He is the most popular wrestler from the 80s decade and is the stepping stone behind the successful run of WCW. Hulk Hogan always made an interesting entry wearing a red yellow outfit, headband, and goggles. His famous finishing move is ‘Leg Drop’.

The audience used to cheer for him when he stripped his upper cloth showing his great bulky physique. He had wrestled with many wrestlers of his time like Andre The Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, Hitman, Sting, Slaughter, Ric Flair, and so on. He even fought with wrestlers that were much younger than him including The Rock. 



Another WWE legend that matches the stature of Hulk Hogan is Undertaker, also called ‘Deadman’. His entry scene to the ring is an attention holder among the audience. This wrestling champ is always seen in a long black coat outfit with gloves and a hat to the fighting ring. Undertaker used a special finishing move called ‘Chokeslam’ by lifting his opponent and then banging him on the ground. Another famous move is  ‘The Tombstone Piledriver’.

Such was the fame of this WWE wrestler, that a person matching his height and personality was presented as a villain in Akshay Kumar’s old 90’s movie Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. Earlier people assumed it to be the real Undertaker, but later on, the truth came out. He was not the real one. Undertaker called for his retirement in the year 2020 with a great tribute at Madison Square Garden in NYC.



Coming on to the next is Bill Goldberg. He is popularly known for his ring name ‘Goldberg’ only. Like the above 2 WWE legends, he too has his lion’s share in being the famous wrestler during his time at WCW wrestling. Goldberg sports a french cut beard with a bald head and black trunks and shoes. In the history of wrestling, the honor of best finishing move goes to him with his ‘spear’ and ‘jackhammer’ style. Besides wrestling, Goldberg also appeared in films and TV shows. 

Shawn Michaels

During the 80s if there was any WWE wrestler with good looks, then he was Shawn Michaels. This handsome WWE champ is considered among the best wrestlers in the square circle. He is famously called ‘The Heartbreak Kid’. He always proved with his A+ performance in clashing with his opponent wrestlers including The Undertaker, Hitman, and John Cena. Shawn shares a good rapport with his fellow WWE wrestler Triple H. ‘Sweet Chin Music’ or ‘Superkick’ is his popular finishing move.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Popularly called ‘Rattlesnake’, Stone Cold had been one of the successful and popular wrestlers of all time. He has wrestled with wrestling champs like The Undertaker, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Jake The Snake, and more. His finishing move is ‘Stunner’ that he used to apply as his finishing move on his opponent. He sports a bald look with a french cut beard, black underwear and black boots. 

The Rock

Now comes the people’s champ, yes, you heard it right, The Rock. He is also among the greatest wrestlers of all time. His popular finishing move is known as ‘Rock Bottom’. Other than WWE, this wrestler is now a popular actor with films like Fast and Furious 7, GIJOE, Hercules, Jumanji, Rampage, Moana, San Andreas, Walking Tall, and more.

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