Pros and Cons of New Balance 990 Grey Running Shoes

New Balance 990 Grey

New Balance is one of the brands you have for running shoes. In addition, New Balance is a brand that shares the history of making the best running shoes. The original designers of New Balance running shoes came up with the New Balance 990 grey model after being given the task of creating the best single running shoes in the market.

Further, the final product that designers came up with lived up to more than its price. The 990 hit the market in an understated grey colourway. Plus, the 990 model was a mark of quality and superior taste for avid runners and ahead-of-the-curve aficionados. New Balance never stopped making the 990 models with more colour options because of its aspirational status.

However, New Balance 990 running shoes are not without cons. Still, the pros of the same running shoes outdo their cons. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of New Balance 990 shoes in grey in this post. Further, it will let you decide whether you should invest in these sought-after running shoes or not.

Pros of New Balance 990 Running Shoes in Grey

The following are the pros of New Balance 990 running shoes in grey:

Feels Comfortable to Wear:

If you ask New Balance shoe users how they feel while wearing New Balance 990. Most of them will reply they feel comfortable. Moreover, if the majority agrees 990 model is comfortable, it means they are really comfortable. Thus, one of the reasons you have to invest in 990 running shoes in grey is their comfort.

Perfect for Running or Walking:

New Balance 990 shoes also stand true to their purpose. These running shoes have excellent cushioning and support. For the same reason, they are the perfect shoes to invest in for running or walking. You will feel good when you wear these shoes to run a long way or walk in the morning.

Shoes Are Iconic:

We have already mentioned to you earlier in this post that New balance 990 is a classic model from New Balance. If you are someone who likes collecting iconic running shoes, New Balance 990 in grey is one of your options. Besides, you can also find an upgraded version of 990 in multiple colourways.

Fits Well:

While buying sneakers, it is important that you buy running shoes that fit well. New Balance 990 grey fits feet well, and it is also what many New Balance shoe users will tell.

Sneakers Are Versatile:

Another plus of New Balance running shoes is their versatility. You can deploy the same shoes for different purposes, such as running, walking, and fashion runways. In other words, these stylish running shoes are versatile.

Feels Like You Are Wearing Nothing:

Most New Balance 990 shoe users say that they feel like they are wearing nothing. They will tell wearing these shoes feels like they are walking on air.  Hence, these shoes are worth investing in for avid runners to feel the same experience.

Stands the Test of Time:

Unquestionably, the 990 models from New Balance have lived up to more than their billing. By the same token, there is demand for 990 running shoes. Further, the durability and quality of these running shoes allow them to stand the test of time. You have a good reason to buy these shoes if the durability of sneakers matters to you.

Comes in Different Widths:

One of the prominent features of New Balance running shoes is that they come in wide widths. For the same reason, you can also find 990 running shoes in different widths. The availability of this iconic model in wide widths makes shoe users glad to buy 990 running shoes.

The Product Is Made in the USA:

Another reason you have to buy the 990 model is that it is a made-in-the-USA product. In other words, investing in the 990 model will make you proud if you are someone who adores American-made products.

Besides, you can also buy sought-after running shoes from New Balance from the following seller: Groovy Shoes.

Cons of New Balance 990 Running Shoes in Grey

Besides pros, there are also some cons of New Balance 990 running shoes, which we have mentioned below:

Expensive to Buy:

Some shoe users find the 990 models an expensive product to invest in.

Release Odour Once Get Wet:

Some buyers of New Balance 990 running shoes claim they release odour after a few months of use when they get.


New Balance 990 grey is an iconic product from New Balance with many pluses and a few cons. Nonetheless, the pros of New Balance’s iconic running shoes clearly outdo their cons. Lastly, the following are reasons for runners to invest in these running shoes:

  1. Feels Comfortable to Wear
  2. Perfect for Running or Walking
  3. Shoes Are Iconic
  4. Fits Well
  5. Sneakers Are Versatile
  6. Feels Like You Are Wearing Nothing
  7. Stands the Test of Time
  8. Comes in Different Widths
  9. The Product Is Made in the USA

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