How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans According to Your Body Type

perfect pair of jeans

Jeans have become one of the most prominent and stylish dressing options these days. If you go and search for the history behind the origin of jeans, you will be quite amused. Essentially, jeans were discovered for functional purpose rather than fashion. Initially, the coal and mine workers used to wear jeans as the jeans fabric was strong enough to withstand the harsh/rough environments of mining caves. Jeans were considered the idle choice of wear for working in mines. Eventually, people started wearing jeans as casual wear. Right from then, jeans have become one of the largely worn dresses of all. 

Jeans could be worn by people of all age groups and genders. One thing about jeans is that it is quite rigid and so, you will need to choose the jeans that fit best as per your body type. Warehouse & Co., Dawson Denim, Levi’s, and TCB are some of the most famous brands for jeans in the world. These brands are quite authentic and the most trustworthy brands in the world. They produce some of the best quality jeans in the world. Additionally, you would find these brands quite costlier too. However, you will be completely convinced once you address the quality of the jean fabric produced by these brands. Despite a broad variety of jeans and respective brands, men are still not able to find the right pair of jeans, let us find out why. 

  • Most men are not aware of their body type. It happens because of 2 main factors – men either underestimate or overestimate their body size and figure. Therefore, they are unable to contemplate whether one pair of jeans look on them. 
  • The unavailability of suitable styles of jeans when you go out shopping. There are many varieties of jeans. There are different shades, textures, sizes, shapes, and lengths of jeans in the market. Sometimes men are unable to make a good decision because some shops have only a few suggestions. 
  • Men are always confused about choosing the right pair of jeans because they are never able to determine the size and shape of the jeans as they are unaware of their needs. Usually, men are bad at making decisions. They usually miss out on various grounds of choosing the best pair of jeans for themselves. 

There are different kinds of fits available for men and they can be classified into 5 major types. Depending upon your fit, you must choose the pair of jeans for yourself. Also, it is not a sin to wear fits that don’t go along with your body types but your choices should be conscious enough. You should know the differences between the fits before making the decision. Don’t worry, we are going to make you aware of these things. 


For a long period of time, a lot of men were having a hard time finding the right pair of jeans for skinny outfits. Now, companies like Denim and Levi’s are producing skinny jeans outfits that are a little tight with a tapered leg. 


Novice buyers would most often confuse slim with skinny jeans. It is not like it. Slim fit jeans are not that tight as skinny jeans and not too loose to be mistaken with regular fit jeans.


Jeans that have enough room from hips to bottom and the jeans look pretty much straight all through the bottom. The bottom has a fairly large opening. Regular sized jeans are pretty much conspicuous to the eyes and easily noticeable by everyone. 


These are slightly loose fit jeans that are a lot similar to regular size jeans but you will know the difference once you wear them. The relaxed fits will slightly be far from your skin. That is how the name comes as relaxed fit as you feel very relaxed. 


Finally, the last one is called loose-fit jeans which are also called baggy type jeans. These types of jeans are the largest size available. Specially dedicated for the men that are plus size or unusually bigger in size. One doesn’t need to be explained about the loose fit jeans because they are quite larger in size. So, they are quite easily differentiable than other types of fits. 


Depending on your body type you must choose the right fit. The main thing about choosing the right pair of jeans is that you should never choose the fit that goes totally against your body size and figure. For people with athletic body type, they must wear slim or regular. People that are skinny, have the option to wear skinny or slim-fit pairs of jeans. 

Most importantly, while trying the jeans in the dressing room, one must see the length of the crotch size in the jeans. It’s the gap between the crotch and waist of the jeans which plays a major role in the functionality of any jeans. Make sure you have a good idea about this factor. The crotch area must not be too tight or too loose. The whole functionality of the jeans depends on it.

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