How to find a reliable property agent in Singapore

property agent in Singapore

Singapore has one of the most competitive property markets in Asia. This is because of Singapore’s active and stable economy. Companies have been trying to get a beach or set up their business in the heart of Singapore. It has always been one of the most successful economies. Thus, a good place to conduct business. These businesses continue to grow in number. Along with these businesses, the workforce is also looking for job opportunities in Singapore. 

Despite its successful economy, one cannot deny that it also has one of the smallest land areas in Asia. Given that there is a high demand for land with little supply, property market prices tend to be high. This is why it is complicated when you buy property in Singapore. However, a Singapore property agent can make things easier for you. They can guide you in the process of buying a property. However, since there are many agents in the market, you can find it hard to look for a reliable one. That is why in this article, we will discuss how to find a reliable property agent. 

Hire from an agency

One sure way to find a reliable Singapore property agent is to hire from an agency. There will be a lot of property agents in the market. Everyone will promise you that they will be of help when you buy property in Singapore. However, hiring agents connected with credible firms will be a smart decision. Since these firms can vouch for these agents, you can be assured that they will be able to deliver their promise. 

Property agents from firms have a name to uphold. This is why they will always be required to deliver the best quality services to their clients. This does not necessarily mean that independent agents are not good. However, for agents that are employed in firms, they already have been sorted out and filtered. Their work stood out from other applicants, already making their work ethics reliable. 

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is easy to spot a reliable Singapore property agent when you ask a question. A reliable Singapore property agent would be able to answer your questions. You can ask questions you already know the answer to in order to gauge whether or not they know what they are saying. This can be a great test to know how knowledgeable they are about the property market in Singapore. When you buy property in Singapore, it is crucial to have a reliable property agent. You can also opt to ask questions that you have no idea about. Their confidence in answering can be a sufficient answer whether or not you could rely on them in the long run. 

Pay attention to the things they offer

One trait of a reliable Singapore property agent is being a good listener. Their reliability could be tested through the properties they are showing you. This is why when you buy property in Singapore, they should be able to show you exactly what you asked for. Their ability to listen to the client is enough to gauge their attitude as an agent. 

A property agent should also be able to understand things without the client repeating everything. Their priority should be the clients’ reasonable requests. When a property agent understands the requests of a client immediately, this means that they pay attention to their clients’ needs. They should be able to understand that their clients are also busy individuals thus lack time when it comes to dealing with these things. A Singapore property agent should also be able to take over the process of buying a property only after a few meetings. 


Your property agent should have positive feedback from past clients. There is no more reliable source of credibility and reliability than other clients’ feedback. They would be able to tell in what manner your agent can buy property in Singapore. When you buy a property in Singapore, a lot of challenges would come up. How your agent handles those problems with past clients should matter. As they would be handling your problems the same way. You would want to hire someone with the most positive feedback so that you can ensure that you will also have a positive experience. 

Know more

Buying property in Singapore is complicated. That is why, aside from hiring a reliable property agent, there are still a lot of factors you have to consider. In SRX Property, we can guide you through this process.

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