Hubstaff Vs Rocketlane: Most Suitable Project Management Software

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Hubstaff and Rocketlane software both are collaboration management software. They offer a wide range of management and collaboration tools for both internal and external operations. Both of the software’s own distinctive features. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the functions both management software offer to their users.

Hubstaff Software

Hubstaff is an excellent employee monitoring software to enhance business efficiency. As its monitoring features focus on activity rather than strictly surveillance. Hubstaff software includes time-tracking tools as well as mobile apps, and simple web. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses. It is great for businesses that work with independent contractors, freelancers, and remote workers paid on an hourly basis. It has a low-minimum user requirement for its paid plans, making it accessible to even very small businesses.

Hubstaff is ideal for remote and field service teams, small to medium-sized businesses, and consultants/freelancers. Over 40,000 remote teams trust and use it. No matter how many projects or teams you have, they can all be in separate projects under the same account. Furthermore, different employees may have varying settings and permissions.

Hubstaff Software —Key Features

Activity Tracking

Keystrokes and mouse movements can be used by managers to track employee activity. Activity is represented as a percentage, with each second tracked over a 10-minute period.


Employee punch-ins and punch-outs from applications or browsers are automatically converted into timesheets. Employees can edit timesheets, and employers can approve or reject them.

Time Off Management

The software can manage vacation policies, including holidays. Workers can have their own time off policies, and time off can be calculated using annual rates, accrual, or negative balances. However, It also takes into account holidays. These can be directly integrated into the employee schedule.

Project Tracking

Besides, Employers can see how much time is spent on each task by breaking down time tracking by project and task. While, workers can create individual tasks in-app while on the clock.

Hubstaff Software Pricing

The software has a free subscription model, which means it costs nothing. Desk Starter is the second pricing plan, and it costs $5.83 per user per month. Desk Pro is the third plan, and it costs $8.33 per user per month. While users can select the plan that best fits their budget. Pricing is determined by the features. A free trial period is extremely beneficial.

Moreover, the Hubstaff demo allows you to become acquainted with the software. It gives you an idea of how well the software performs. Furthermore, it saves money.

Hubstaff Reviews

The time tracking feature of Hubstaff is an excellent option. Users value the software’s time accuracy and ease of tracking employee productivity. On the other hand, there is a slight delay in customer support. Furthermore, users sometimes experienced problems using Windows PCs. Hubstaff should make this area more Windows-friendly.

Rocketlane Software

Rocketlane software is a customer onboarding platform that provides real-time updates on the status of all your projects.

It is a one-stop shop for professional services automation software that replaces your project management, time tracking, resource planning, business intelligence, and collaboration tools all in one. However, it assists teams in meeting project objectives, accelerating time to value, and providing a 5-star customer experience. Begin your free trial now.

Furthermore, the software provides templates for customizing logos and themes to enhance the user experience between your portal and your brand. Collaborate on tasks and documents with your customers in teams. While, It integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, and other services. The software is used by small and medium-sized businesses.

Finally, rocketlane designs from the ground up for customer onboarding. The platform covers all bases to assist you in meeting project objectives, elevating customer-facing experiences, and scaling with insights.

Rocketlane Software Features

Reduced Customer Escalations and Churns

The platform provides tools designed to improve onboarding CX, making the onboarding process more impactful and less of a hassle for your clients. Along the way, Rocketlane provides features to measure customer sentiment, as well as trends and benchmarks, making it easier to detect issues that could lead to escalation or, worse, customer churn.

Unified Collaborative Customer Onboarding Tools

Rocketlane’s unified workspace combines project management, document collaboration, and communication under one roof. First, it eliminates the need for disparate tools, which leads to miscommunication, poor visibility, and collaboration, as well as the formation of siloed workstreams. Secondly, Rocketlane provides visibility to teams and stakeholders through its built-in CSAT and real-time project status reports.

Rocketlane allows you to create templates that can reuse multiple times. Finally, It includes approval flows and automated reminders to help teams and their customers stay on top of their work.

Scalable Tools and Pricing

When the scale and scope of your business change, many tools, particularly the more generic ones, are difficult to work around. In addition,Rocketlane, as a scalable customer onboarding solution that can scale up and down with your business needs, helps to prevent problems caused by such an issue. However, Users can choose between plans and quote-based enterprise pricing at Rocketlane.

Rocketlane Pricing

Rocketlane offers three different pricing plans for its customers.

  • ‘Professional’ for $19 per team member/month, billed annually.
  • ‘Premium’ for $49 per team member/month, billed annually.
  • ‘Enterprise’, contact the sales team to guide you about its pricing details.

Finally, You can also book a Rocketlane demo to assess the software’s viability for your business.

Rocketlane Reviews

Users enjoyed a variety of features in the Rocketlane application. However, The private space can use for actionable items within the team but is not visible to the client. You can use this application to communicate with your client (chat tool too). Documents can be easily attached, and the project includes subtask activities (Child -Parent relation). Overall project status, including delays and project reminders (next and delayed task). However, it is not a simple tool for tracking issues/bugs during the QA or UAT stages. Changing dates in any task can be time-consuming.

Hubstaff Software Vs. Rocketlane Software — Concluding Thoughts

Hubstaff and Rocketlane software are excellent project management tools. Furthermore, Both have distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from one another. Overall, both software is quite efficient, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

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