Let Your Fashion Describe You


Fashion can be confused with just being trendy, frivolous, and trying unwearable ideas, but actually, it is the way we dress that constantly evolves. Evolving your fashion and style with the trend is not what we call fashion but the real sense of fashion endures when we evolve our own way of dressing and styling according to our needs and desires. Fashion defines your personality and your choices.  It has the power to make us feel good and bad at the same time. 


Fashion has the ability to define an individual and a whole community at the same time. Fashion is not a fancy concept that generally people perceive it to be, but a statement that defines your respect and position through your clothes and accessories, in society. To an extent, we can determine a person with his way of dressing. For exemplification, Armies rely on dress codes to indicate who is in charge. Fashion expresses who we are and, in retrospect, the era in which we are living. Fashion is the only way which can teach us many moral values through clothes. In school, our uniform reflects the standard and look of the school community, and as such, it should be respected. So the uniform and the way of wearing that uniform taught us to respect and discipline.


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Lifestyle includes your habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc. Your Lifestyle should be merged with fashion and they must go hand in hand. All your traits must have something unique which could define your personality. Afterall fashion is not restricted to good and comfortable dressing styles but it also revolves around our traits like our habits, attitudes, tastes, and all of the things which are included in our lifestyle.


To make our lifestyle better we have to continuously practice to be in fashion. The more you’ll be indulged in evolving your fashion and making your dressing speak about your personality the more confident you’ll feel. Self-care and self-love would be the best option to upgrade your fashion and lifestyle. Once you start keeping yourself in fashion you will start liking to see your surroundings in the same manner which will lead you to make and keep everything high on fashion. 


Enhancing your fashion and lifestyle need changes. The person who is not adaptive to the changes can never evolve his fashion and lifestyle and will not be able to create his own statement of fashion. Your lifestyle should be kept on changing and so should your fashion. 


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Shopping for yourself and your surroundings will help you to bring changes in your fashion and lifestyle and will make you more updated with every upcoming generation. Copying someone’s style is way more difficult than to create your own unique style. Your fashion and lifestyle should be in the manner that you want. It shouldn’t have any other’s influence on it. You can be inspired but not influenced. At the end of the day, you should be confident, comfortable, and satisfied with the things which describe the inner and outer you. 

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