Cell Phone Repair for Water-Damaged Phones

Cell Phone Repair for Water-Damaged Phones

If you have, you have likely damaged your smartphone. Moreover, your phone may survive a drop in the water if you own an advanced smartphone. New smartphones are water-resistant to some extent; still, water can cause them harm, too. Fortunately, phone repair shops conduct cell phone repair for water-damaged smartphones.

However, all phone repair shops do not conduct water-damaged phone repairs. For the same reason, it is important that you do your research beforehand for phone repair shops. It will allow you to find and choose the right smartphone repair shop to revive your water-damaged smartphone.

Understanding the Extent of Water Damage to Cell Phones

Liquid or water damage is one of the common issues that cell phone users can encounter with their smartphones. By the same token, phone users send in their smartphones, like iPhones, Pixels, and Samsung phones, for repairs. You are not the only person who can drop your phone in a puddle, spilled a drink on it, etc. Besides, water damage is the most serious damage that smartphones can run into. Even the most expensive smartphones with some water-resistant capability can run into water damage. For example, iPhones can suffer water damage if you submerge them in water or liquid.

Moreover, water can also damage the internal circuitry of your smartphone if it enters your phone. It can also make your smartphone useless if it damages the internal components of your cell phone. For the same reason, phone repair technicians never claim they have a hundred percent chance of reviving water-damaged phones. Water damage is serious damage that your cell phone can encounter. Therefore, it is important that you judiciously take care of your smartphone to avert damaging it from water.

Can Phone Repair Shops Fix Water Damage?

We have already mentioned to you not all phone repair technicians conduct water-damaged phone repairs. In other words, all phone repair shops do not fix water-damaged smartphones. Nevertheless, esteemed phone repair shops with reliable technicians offer water-damaged phone repairs to cell phone users. Besides, it is difficult to repair water-damaged smartphones as water can severely destroy a smartphone. Still, confident phone repair technicians proudly take on the challenge of fixing water-damaged phones.

Further, it is important that you know all potential issues that can arise if your drop your phone into water. You should know about all possible issues even if you hire a professional to fix the damage. In addition, you should also inquire about the warranty policy of a phone repair shop before you hand over your water-damaged smartphone for cell phone repair.

Can Rice Trick Revive Water-Damaged Smartphones?

You may have heard of the rice trick that people have tried to revive their water-damaged phones. Rice is absorbent that can accumulate all of the moisture which may trap deep within your smartphone. For the same reason, it is only a temporary solution to fix the water damage. However, if you decide to use this trick, you should first cover your phone loosely with a paper towel. Still, we do not recommend you go for this trick. Instead, you should seek the assistance of a professional to fix the damage.

How Can You Tell If Water Has Harmed Your Phone?

You can tell if water has harmed your phone while looking for a pink or small white patch with a reddish pattern. If the patch on your smartphone is white with a reddish pattern, it means water has not harmed it. Besides, the reddish pattern has bled to indicate phone users about the water damage. If the area appears pink, it means water has harmed your device. Moreover, you can bring your device to an expert to fix the damage.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Fix for Water-Damaged Smartphones?

Mostly, people do not have the right equipment to conduct delicate phone repairs. In addition, DIY phone repair can likely worsen the damage unless you are an expert at phone repair. Besides, all phone repair technicians do not take on the challenge of fixing water-damaged phones. Fortunately, there are expert phone repair technicians who fix water-damaged phones. Additionally, your best option for fixing water-damaged cell phones is always an expert phone repair technician. It may cost you some price; however, it also increases your chances of reviving your gadget.


Dropping your smartphone into water will likely damage your device. However, your phone may survive the drop to some extent if it is water-resistant. Fortunately, not all but many phone repair shops conduct cell phone repair for water-damaged smartphones. Moreover, the rice trick is only a temporary solution to fix water-damaged smartphones. In addition, new smartphones have indicators that can tell you if the water has harmed your device. Lastly, the right thing to do is to contact a phone repair shop for water-damaged repair than trying to fix it on your own.

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