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Webmarketing is defined as all the marketing and advertising techniques used on the internet. Its principles obviously borrow from traditional marketing, but web marketing also includes techniques that give it strategic approaches that may be specific to it.

If you are a project leader or business manager, and want to get your digital marketing off the ground, this article is for you! Let’s find out together, everything related to the implementation of a digital marketing strategy .


Among the main techniques of web marketing, we can cite commercial links (SEM), natural referencing (SEO), email marketing, internet advertising, affiliation, e-merchandising, then viral and social marketing. . Each of these levers is very different. They should be used according to the goals you have set for yourself and are also very complimentary. But all of them have only one goal: to make your site known.

Regarding the Web Marketing strategy

The internet is a fairly powerful, efficient and complete tool for managing any type of website and effectively developing your business not only on the web but also in real life!

A web strategy is a long-term strategic plan that clearly indicates how to create and develop your company’s online presence in an efficient and sustainable manner. Indeed, to be found by your customers and prospects or by any Internet user, your website must be connected to search engines, social networks and the various sites in your sector. This connection is established through links (inbound and outbound) and the content of your site, which will make you relevant to key words or phrases associated with your field of professional activity.


Developing your digital marketing strategy requires in-depth work. A well-thought-out internet strategy will allow you to increase your visibility and position yourself well at reasonable costs. There is a need to create a flexible web marketing strategy that can respond to changing perceptions and customer demands. This implies clearly defining upstream its objectives, the contexts, the targets, the budget associated with the implementation of the strategy as well as the expected results.

Your customers are everywhere and use different devices. They navigate on different sources to find their happiness. Your mission then consists of:

  • Attract your customers by increasing web traffic to your site through search engines, social networks, blogs, adwords, emailing and local SEO. You have the choice between targeting a large audience or favoring one or more specific targets. In this case, you will have to resort to the creation of “personas” and marketing automation .
  • Encourage your visitors to get in touch with you by providing their contact details, their email address, or by asking you directly
  • Convert prospects into customers using relevant arguments. Indeed, the objective of BtoB webmarketing is to know before researching buyers on the internet to give oneself the means to convert them into customers.
  • Build customer loyalty through promotional offers, newsletters, advertising campaigns, etc.


Whether you are a marketing professional or an amateur, it is quite possible to take advantage of the web and guarantee yourself a 100% profitable “business investment”! And that’s even in today’s crowded digital marketplace where it’s now more difficult to stand out among all of your competitors. The primary objective is now to be present throughout the Internet user’s journey.

With all the online advertising options out there, what’s the best way to use your marketing dollars? Here is the first key: develop your corporate webmarketing strategy or even an industrial sector webmarketing strategy based on the essential elements that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The other keys:

  • 1 / Have an attractive website suitable for all types of screens

Your website should no longer be simply an online brochure, it should be adapted to the different mobile versions, allowing your visitors to engage and encourage them to interact with the various elements previously highlighted for example kissanime.

  • 2 / Include the measurement of your SEO campaigns

Search marketing is essential in bringing customers to your site. However, if you include organic search or paid (pay per click) advertising in your plan, be sure to track the results to perfect your targeting.

  • 3 / think about email marketing

Sending consistent and well-planned emails is one of the most effective ways to quickly gain exposure to a target. Then, it will develop your loyal customer base.

  • 4 / Provide for the social aspect

Regardless of the size of your business or the nature of your professional field, social media can play an important role in building your brand awareness. To map the territories of expression of your audience, do a survey on the side of classic social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or professionals (B2B) to see how the competition operates. You will be surprised by the diversity of the modes of communication used.

  • 5 / score points with content marketing

Your content is of utmost importance! this is one of the parts that will certainly validate your digital strategy. Better to use a content publication calendar to help coordinate your advertising campaigns and manage the editorial process by planning your publications and identifying contributors.

  • 6 / Measure, correct and improve!

Digital marketing is always based on a strategy that is only effective if it is measurable. Tracking your progress using the various analytical tools will help you refine your plan to better meet your ROI goals by identifying which parts are performing well and which parts need optimizations. In conclusion, if the development of your business web marketing strategy is effective, then you will know how to profit from it and it will mean that you are ready to grow with an ever-changing digital channel.

If you want to set up a web communication strategy adapted to your budget and your sector, contact a consultant now!

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