Cost of iPhone Screen Repair in Vancouver for iPhone X

iPhone Screen Repair

iPhones are expensive yet handy gadgets to own. Nevertheless, dropping these smartphones on the floor means a mishap. Due to their high prices and complex internal circuitry, they cost more to repair than Android phones. The same holds for iPhone X if you break its screen. iPhone screen repair in Vancouver can cost you substantially to repair from Apple unless you have AppleCare+. Moreover, we are going to talk about the cost of iPhone X screen repair in detail in this post.

Do You Know How Much iPhone X Screen Repair Can Cost?

Dropping iPhone X one time on the floor may not damage its screen. However, dropping your iPhone X again and again on the floor will likely crack its screen. Besides, you are not the only iPhone user who can damage the iPhone screen. Cracked iPhone screens are a common issue that iPhone users can face. Fortunately, it is possible to revive your broken iPhone screen via iPhone screen repair. At the same time, iPhone screen repair can cost you a lot of money, specifically from Apple without AppleCare+.

Furthermore, you have other options, too, besides Apple repair if you break your iPhone screen. Also, keep in mind that a broken iPhone screen is still not the end of the world for you. There are other options for you, too, to better tackle the issue of a “broken iPhone X screen.” In any case, do you know about the cost of the iPhone X screen replacement? Do not worry if you do not know about it, as we are going to let you know about it.

Further, it is important that you determine the cost of the iPhone X replacement if you break your iPhone X screen. Finding out the exact cost of iPhone X repair is a bit tricky. It is because some iPhone repair shops will charge you more than others.

Moreover, the manufacturer of the iPhone X will charge you a lot for iPhone X screen replacement without AppleCare+. It will charge you $279, which is undoubtedly a lot of money. Nonetheless, the iPhone X screen replacement will cost you $29 from Apple if you have the AppleCare+ plan. Therefore, it makes sense for iPhone users to choose Apple repair only when they have the AppleCare+ protection plan.

Additionally, Apple repairs are not quick, and you will likely need to wait for a while to make your appointment. Further, you will need to do it before the manufacturer starts fixing your iPhone. Other than Apple, you have third-party iPhone repair shops. Fortunately, there are Apple-authorized iPhone repair shops which you can count on for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver.

Third-party repair shops will charge you competitive prices for iPhone screen repair. However, they will clearly cost you lower than Apple, as they will cost you $150 on average for iPhone X screen repair. Nonetheless, it is important that you do your research beforehand prior to choosing any third-party iPhone repair shop.

Should You Repair the Broken Screen of Your iPhone X?

Let us ask you a question: Will you take your iPhone X straight to a repair shop if you break its screen? If your answer is yes, think again. iPhone X screen replacement should make sense to you if screen repair costs you substantially less than buying a new iPhone. You can get your hands on a new smartphone for a cheap price than paying Apple $279 for a screen replacement. Furthermore, you have local phone repair shops to consider, too, that can repair your broken iPhone at an affordable price.

However, it is important that you consider all your options beforehand prior to your iPhone X screen replacement. For instance, you may have insurance to cover the screen damage. Or you may have the AppleCare+ protection plan to use. In such scenarios, you should avail of your insurance coverage or your iPhone protection plan.

Moreover, if you decide to use a third-party iPhone repair shop for iPhone X repair, do your research. We recommend you ask different iPhone repair shops to give you a quote for repair. It will help you compare the prices of different shops for iPhone X screen replacement. Further, it will make it easier for you to choose a specific iPhone repair shop for iPhone X screen replacement.


iPhones are expensive smartphones; still, these phones are prone to damage. Broken iPhones are expensive to repair, and the same holds for iPhone X. If you break your iPhone X screen, you may want to fix the damage. However, you may not know how much it can cost you. iPhone screen repair in Vancouver for iPhone X from Apple will cost you $279 without AppleCare+. The repair cost will become $29 if you have the AppleCare+ protection plan. Third-party iPhone X screen repair can cost you around $150, which is significantly less than Apple repair without a warranty. To finish, it is important that you consider all your options prior to choosing your option for iPhone X screen repair.

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