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Maps are a very important item in traveling. It is the best tool for traveling since the beginning. Now, as every past item has got in its advanced form, so is the map. The Map has supported been supported by GPS Technology. A device is also used to combine both the innovations together. An important element of the technology is the update. In this article, you will get a detailed idea of Updating TomTom XXL.

Features of the Device- TomTom XXL.

The device is extremely good when it comes to navigation. It has some decent features that will help in this process. First is it screen. It is pretty wide and displays all elements properly. The map covers most of the screen. Due to this, the visual is perfect to know the routes. The icons and their titles are also in a large size. This makes the device easy to use while traveling. Also, the section of direction is easy due to the descriptive titles. The settings provide various options to manage the device. These options are very helpful. The Update of TomTom XXL for free is also available for many devices. There are also some of them, for which you can’t do so.

Update TomTom XXL

Benefits of doing an Update in the device

As you know technology is getting better and better with time. The company is investing in resources to make them so. The most important element that comes in is the internet. It has reduced the gap between the company and the user. The company can prove the better technology to the user through it. This better technology comes to you in form of an update. The update makes your device function better than the version you are using. The benefits of doing this in TomTom XXL are also similar. You will get better functions. Many of the flaws and complaints that you had will be fixed. The device will also provide you better maps for usage. These are more accurate than the previous one.

Requirement for the Update

Many users to update their Update of TomTom XXL require some items. As you have read above, the internet is the main item. To use the internet, you need a device. This device must have a Port to connect the cable. This cable will be further connected to your device. Thus, you need three items, the internet, the cable, and the computer.

The Process of the Update using the program.

As written earlier, the TomTom XXL update process is limited for some devices. To do this process, it is important for the users to have good internet. The user must download an application for the update. This application will be available on the official website of the company. This will help in the process of updating, which will be later transferred to the device.

  • Open the following website: TomTom MyDrive Connect | Update your sat nav
  • In the first phase of the website, you will see two options. The first option is the sign-in option. If you have created an account previously on this website, you can get into it. If you haven’t done this, select the create account option and add the details. It will ask you to add your mail address, name, and some other basic information. Pressing on create an account will create one.
  • Then get back on the page. In the middle phase of the page, you will find options for downloading the application. There will be four options. These options will be based on your operating system. Select it accordingly. You will see the downloads process getting started.
  • When the download is done, you can easily install the program. Do it according to your operating system. The process will be the same, like any other application that you have previously installed.
  • Once the installation is completed, open the program. It will ask you to do some things, as written on the screen. Follow them.
  • Once you have done the above step, use the cable and connect the device to the computer. Once the computer recognizes the device, this means it is connected. Your application will recognize
  • Within the program that you had installed, there will be an option called ‘Update My Gadget’. Select this option. This will lead you to the updating option.
  • Press the ‘Update and Install’ option. This will begin the process of adding all the updates within the device.
  • Once the process is completed, you can disconnect the device from your computer.

The process of Updating through the website.

  1. Within the official website, you will find an option in the top-right corner for log-in.
  2. There you will find an option to create your account. Add the details to create one.
  3. Finally, connect the product to your device.
  4. Select the big plus icon on the website to add a device.
  5. Then select the update tab. Add the updates that you want by doing as instructed there.

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