4 Foods That Are Good for Your Good Memory

Immune Boosting Foods

We see oftentimes, we put stuff somewhere particular and then forget we had put it. Or there is a particular test that you need to appear in and you forget everything that you had remembered. Also, your friends are getting mad at you for not remembering their date of birth or their anniversarieS. 

I feel you, as I myself forget important events because of my little lack of remembering stuff. According to the best neurologist in Islamabad, the memory issues are not related to age at all, these can occur at any age.  Now you must be wondering if there is any recipe that you may follow to increase your memory. Well, it is not exactly a recipe that you can use, but it is a recommendation of diet options that you can add to your diet and get your better. 

The best practice is to avoid unhealthy fats and remember to consume as many greens as you can. Foods that you need to consume are certain fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Fish and other healthier fats and seeds do help incredibly too. 

Foods to Consume

The foods that increase the blood flow in your brain and help in functioning better is included in the list that is mentioned below;


Berries should be your number one choice, especially dark berries. These include blackberries and blueberries. You can also choose cherries. These work to increase memory in such a way that they contain flavonoids and anthocyanins that are really helpful in supporting the function of the brain and especially in increasing memory function. 

You can enjoy a handful of berries and cherries as a snack, you can also add them to your cereal or bake a cake with them. You can consume them by adding them in the frozen, dried, or fresh form to your meals. 


The best sources to opt for when consuming the omega 3 fatty acids are salmon, tuna, algae, and sardines when it comes to increasing your memory.  These options are rich in DHA, fatty acids, and docosahexaenoic acid that are very helpful in increasing brain health. 

You can add fish to your daily routine by changing one of your meals with fish. You can enjoy it by boiling it, grilling it, or simply by frying it. If you are a heart pattern or are suffering from other health conditions, then try and avoid eating a lot of fish, consume it once in two weeks.

 If you don’t like seafood or the doctor doesn’t allow you to et it, then look for options that are helpful for you. Try and consume the supplements that are available in the market to get the required fatty acids that you cant consume from your diet options. 


Do try out walnuts if you want to work on your memory. It is said you work best when it comes to the heart, but don’t forget that it is incredible in increasing the function of the brain and cognitive functions. It’s not the shape of the walnuts that resembles the brain, but it surely does help with memory. 

You can add walnuts in your midday snacks, or oatmeal that you take in the breakfast. You can also consume it by adding it to your salads and shakes.


I know not a lot of people are a fan of vegetables and that is no big deal. But when it comes to the activity of the brain, you need to consume an adequate amount of vegetables to help your brain boost its activity and increase memory. 

Especially the cruciferous ones including broccoli, dark leafy greens, and cabbage are very helpful in improving memory along with other brain issues. You can add greens to the salads and even make a juice out of them to consume. Make wraps and sandwiches and even try them baked. 


In order to increase your memory, you don’t need to stock up on the potions or special liquids, the solution is right in your kitchen. Stock up on all the above-mentioned foods to make your sharp as a cutter. But if your issues are real and serious then do visit your neurologist. 

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