IPhone 8 Screen Replacement: How Much Does It Cost?

iPhone 8 screen replacement

You might be wondering what is the repair price for your iPhone 8 screen replacement? Well, have you ever wondered about the price of an iPhone screen replacement? In this article, I will be not only telling you about the price but also reasons why you should get it.

Why Your Phone Needs Screen Replacement

If you’re like most people, your phone is your life. It’s how you stay connected to the people and things you care about. So when your phone’s screen gets cracked or damaged, it can feel like a big deal.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for getting your phone’s screen replaced. But how much does it cost? And is it worth it?

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 8 screen replacement cost:

The average cost of an iPhone screen replacement is $129.99. However, this price can vary depending on the model of your phone and the extent of the damage.

For example, if you have a newer model iPhone with a small crack in the corner of the screen, you may be able to get away with a less expensive repair option like a tempered glass screen protector or “liquid glass” kit.

In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of an iPhone screen replacement. However, this typically only applies if you have comprehensive coverage and if the damage isn’t considered to be due to negligence on your part (e.g., dropping your phone).

Even if insurance doesn’t cover the cost of an iPhone screen replacement, it may still be worth getting it fixed rather than replacing your entire phone. This is especially true if your phone is no longer under warranty and you can’t get a replacement through your carrier.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to replace your iPhone’s screen is up to you. But if you’re considering it, be sure to compare the cost of repair with the cost of buying a new phone to see which option makes the most sense for you.

What to Expect During the Screen Replacement Process

Assuming you have decided to move forward with a screen replacement, there are a few things you can expect during the process. First, you will need to schedule an appointment with a qualified technician. Next, the technician will remove the old screen and clean the surface of your device. They will then install the new screen and test it for proper function. Finally, they will reassemble your device and return it to you.

Costs of a Screen Replacement

If you’re like most people, your iPhone is one of your most prized possessions. So, it’s no wonder that you want to keep it in pristine condition. Unfortunately, accidents happen and sometimes those accidents result in a cracked or shattered screen. If you’re in need of an iPhone screen replacement, you may be wondering how much it will cost.

iPhone 8 screen replacement cost can vary depending on a few factors. First, the model of your iPhone will affect the price. Screen replacements for newer models, such as the iPhone XS or iPhone 11, will typically cost more than replacements for older models, like the iPhone 6 or 7. Additionally, the severity of the damage can also affect the cost. A small crack may not cost as much to fix as a large crack or shatter.

At iCracked, we offer two options for our customers looking for an iPhone screen replacement: our do-it-yourself (DIY) kit or our professional repair service. Our DIY kit includes everything you need to replace your own screen at home and starts at just $29.99. If you’d prefer to have one of our certified technicians handle the repair for you, our professional repair service starts at $129.99. No matter which option you choose, we make it easy and affordable to get your beloved iPhone back to its original condition!


iPhone 8 screen replacement cost can vary depending on where you go and who you talk to. However, we’ve found that the average price for this type of repair is around $199.99. We hope that this article has helped give you a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to replacing your iPhone 8 screen.

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