Vanguard now offers WWII-era plunder caves for gamers to explore.

Bunker Codes

Are you searching for Warzone bunker codes for shelters along with their locations? Although Verdansk has a long-standing tradition in shelters, you’ll not be able to recreate the first Verdansk map or its fortifications, packed with treasures, because of the nuclear event that created a new era that was Cold War time. The release date of Call of Duty: Vanguard is closer, and with the release of Season 6 — we’ll get the brand-new World War 2-themed dugouts to investigate.

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It is vital to determine which shelters were in the past and whether any remain on the market, but you could search for every code used in the first Verdansk map, which is the additional measure. To learn about the brand new Warzone Season 6 shelters, check out the following article.

The North region of the Airport Maintenance region

Storehouses facing north are located to the south of Boneyard
Every shelter seems to have two main ways to enter. The first is the steel trailer in red which is everywhere, allowing shelters to easily identify bunker codes. It is essential to choose the appropriate link to connect your climbing gear inside, allowing you to drop it down from the top. Another method to enter is through cracks that have been created across Verdansk.

Bunker Codes: All Warzone digging out code for each area and mixed

It is uncertain if the fortifications seen in 2020 will return, however, the previous schedule for their return can be found on this page.

The Warzone Fortification codes include:

Jail – 72948531
Farmland – 49285163
South Junkyard – 97264138
North Junkyard – 87624851
Park (nuke) – 60274513
Channel – 27495810
Included in Call of Duty: Cold War reveals the addition of fortifications that had codes that were used instead of an Access Card. If you’re seeking the first dugouts that don’t require the use of a code, head down to the next section on this page. If not look at this video to find the fortifications which are more up-to-date and go through the details further down. It’s an ideal idea to be relaxed like the fortifications that surround the arena. 

Fortifications within disaster zones. The first zone is Bunker code

Below is a list of each individual Warzone Fortification zones. If you’re trying to find the latest shelters that require Warzone codes for access to the area, return here to this section of the previous page.

You can also take a look at the above information in case you’re looking for an image-based guide.  If you’re not certain, these images should assist in making the situation clear.

Step-by-step directions on how to access Warzone shelter 11.
Fortification 11 stands out unlike other shelters you’ll discover within Warzone. It’s located in the western part of The Military Base and you don’t require an access card to access Fortification 11. There’s a considerable amount of work needed to locate the treasures within. It is necessary to find different phone numbers and figure out how to translate them into Russian but a look at the information below could be a better option.

It’s not just an issue of finding an older telephone. It is important to locate an unlocked device that can play an audio message in Russian One phone with blue icons on the previous guide might be the one you’re looking for. If you’ve located the phone and listened to the voice, the list below will help you understand the Russian phone numbers. If you’ve recorded the details and are ready to go toward the next phase.

Shelter area at the airport in the event of a disaster

 Find the runway’s break in Verdansk Airport and bounce inside. The video above, from Reddit client Mundoschristmas(opens in new tab), shows the specific area of bunker codes.

The primary concern for the shelter is its huge area. There’s plenty of cash in the shelter which is hard to miss, therefore you can expect lots of games to be played in the event that you’re on the runway in search of the prize that comes in bunker coupons.

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