Spa Mobile Apps: Automate Your Spa Business and Boost Profit?

Spa Mobile Apps

The beauty business is flourishing! With people getting conscious of their health, wellness, and beauty, the usage of the services has dramatically increased. Considerably, for Salon businesses, this growth is making it tough to manage tasks and give attention to everything. The appointments are hampering, the stock level is not up to the mark, and staff performance is not monitored, and so on. This demands choosing the solution that ensures easiness in handling the business. And, spa software is what we meant here!

For a long time, smartphones were highly used handheld devices. People find their convenience at their best and smart Salon applications are giving that. Even businesses are gaining a higher number of customers and experiencing growth. Statistics says that by 2023, there will be $935 billion of revenue with spa mobile app usage. Want to know more about how such solutions could be a positive addition to your Salon business? Read-on then!

How can Businesses Gain Higher ROI from the Spa Mobile App?

The Salon solution includes the features that make it easy for the business to engage customers enhancing the booking process, lessening no-shows, maintaining inventory levels, notifying of important information, and so on.  Most of them are cloud-based and let the Salon owner access the software anytime and from anywhere. The capabilities it attains are priceless and confirm the businesses to give their best; gaining satisfactory results. Read-on to find out the features that make it an ideal choice for Salon owners:

Customer’s Appointment Booking

Almost all of the spa mobile apps have the default calendar to make it easy for the customers to schedule their appointment. Usually, the customers make their visit to beauty salons during their vacations. And probably, this is the time that most of the spas are occupied. With the application, the customers themselves by checking the available time slots and the stylist they liked to book with. And on that day, they have to simply arrive and receive services without waiting.

And on the other hand, the staff members get notified about their booked appointments by email and SMS. Accordingly, they can make the preparations for the appointments. However, if their slot is full then, they are liable to even cancel the booking.

Maintains Enough Stocks

When it comes to salons, there are many devices or equipment, or creams used on a day-to-day basis. Indeed, the beauty industry is expensive; hence, it is essential to maintain them and keep them to the right level- not much or low. As a Salon owner, you should keep up the level of the inventory.

The Spa software lets you do it seamlessly. Using it you can find out the number of products used regularly, which have less usage, which is required to be fulfilled quickly, etc.  The best part is that the automated solution places the order automatically when the right level of the stock decreases.

There will be transparency on the product detail, the price, and all. Accordingly, you can monitor the expenses on the inventory every month. One piece of advice here is to upgrade the inventory as per the preference, market demand, and customer needs.

Customer’s reviews for business growth

Reviews are essential for your business. Indeed, it could be used in several ways. Fundamentally, it lets you know where you are performing well and where your services are lagging. Many spa mobile apps choose to get feedback in the form of ratings on a scale of 1 to 5.

There is no more time wastage in giving reviews on their service experience. Simply with just a click, they can give honest feedback. Furthermore, you can choose to include visual feedback in their spa mobile apps for those who do not prefer going through the list. This will help the customers to decide if they should go for services or not from the Salon.

In addition, when someone posts negative about your business then, the software sends the notification immediately. Hence, the right feedback can be given on time to ensure customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Programs for Customer Engagement

Customers are your lifeblood. Preserving them is more than essential. From the loyalty programs, you can do that simply. It lets you attain the customers’ loyalty with reward points.  Moreover, use effective marketing tactics to remain intact side by side.  Leverage the SMS and email notification system to alert the customers about the daily deals, rewards, discounts, and other offers that gain their attention.

We all love to get services at discounted prices so why not use them for your Salon business benefit? Keep retaining customers and ask your existing ones to refer your salon to their family and friends.

Listing of Extensive Salon Services

It is not only about threading or waxing anymore. With time, many services have been added to the list. It goes on with laser hair removal, scalp treatment, head massage, and so on. From the image library segment of the spa mobile apps, you can display all the services in the application and let customers acquaint themselves with it. Probably, it could be considered from a marketing perspective.

You only need to include the feature in the application navigation and place the services using the videos and the images. However, it enables the customers to include their favorite salon services on the list.

Easy Payment Methods

The spa scheduling system includes the in-built options of payment. Make it easy for the customer to complete the payment process using integrated gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc. Also, a choice of paying from a credit or debit card can also be added to the application.

Easily, from the Admin Panel, check and manage every transaction made. Other options could be Google Wallet or Apple Pay. The thing to remember here is to accept the payments either full or upfront to save your business from any no-show or last-minute cancellations.

Concluding Remarks

In the tech-oriented world, it is essential to include all the advanced tools and technologies.  This practice will not only increase customer retention rates but improve business profitability.  As of now, you must have checked what difference a Spa software can make to your business. So, what are you waiting for? Start your research and look for the solution your business requires!

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