The Impact of the Boom in Voice Search on Local Searches

boom in voice search

Want to understand “The impact of the boom in voice search on local searches”? This is the perfect blog for you. In this blog, we will discuss in detail, that “How the voice search feature has changed the scenario of local searches”. 



Humanity as an advanced race, in general, is still getting acquainted with the new advancements in technology

And because of everyone being busy with their daily routine tasks, they do not have the time to search for something on the internet by typing a whole lot of it. 

So this is where technology starts to evolve, as a new feature known as “Voice search” gets introduced in both smartphones and laptops. Now it allows people to just directly speak to the search engine and see their desired results. 


More importantly, it is a time-saving feature that benefits a lot of people, who belong to different age groups. 

Understanding The Impact of the Boom In Voice Search On Local Searches. 


The impact of the boom in voice search on local searches has a direct relationship with Google’s ever-changing search algorithm.


The voice search feature allows a user to get a direct answer to his queries from the search engine.


 He now no longer wants to click on links, then go through the lethargic process of searching the whole page for his answer.


Let’s understand this with the help of an example: The voice search feature has allowed senior citizens to scour the internet in a completely hassle-free and simplified manner. 

Now they do not have to go through the burdensome task of typing. And elderly people are not the only ones, which have benefited from this feature, it has benefitted differently able people also. It has allowed them to experience a new era of technology, with ease. 


In the initial days of the “Voice search” feature’s release, it wasn’t popular as such. But with the advancement of time, people paid heed to its importance. They began to understand that this feature makes internet surfing a lot easier than before. 


How Did The Voice Search Feature Became So Popular?


When the impact of the boom in voice search on local searches was observed. It was seen that this feature was allowing users to save time. 


Thus now if you are going to publish any blog Google and contains information pertaining to a certain voice search. Then your article will start ranking on Google.


Because Google wants to make sure that any users who uses it’s search engine, gets their question answered in the fastest manner.


Let’s see some statistics:


In the year 2013, at least 85% of iPhone users said that they do not use Siri. 

But fast forward to the present day, Google Assistant and Siri are leading the change in the way people search their queries on Google.


What exactly happened in the field of technology, that this feature became more and more of a household favourite?


The answer lies in the advancement of “Mobile phone’s and laptop’s” technology. As they became more and more user-friendly with the new tech updates, users started to use them more and more. 


Now smartphones are completely user-centric. As with all OS updates for smartphones, make sure that they ease the user experience. The same thing was done by the voice search feature. 

It increased the number of local searches to a large extent and this resulted in a boom in voice search because now a user does not have to go through the laborious process of typing. 

As he/she can just directly speak to the search engine, using the voice search feature, and quickly see the search results. 


This has also resulted in an increase in the number of business-oriented searches as a lot of businesses have started to pop up in the search results of an average user. 

Let’s understand this with an example: 


A person wants to buy a pastry and is in a hurry, so he uses the search engine’s voice search feature by saying “Pastry shops near me”. As he does that, a lot of search results for pastry shops pop up on his screen. 


Now he goes to one of those shops and buys his desired product. 

So a quick voice search result acted as a beneficiary for a particular business. 

Now you must have understood a bit about the impact of the boom in voice search on local searches. 


But how did it all originate? What’s the history behind it?


History Of The Voice Search Feature


It all began in 2010 with IBM’s “Watson”, which is a powerful voice recognition question-answer computer system. Now in that era, it was nothing less than cutting-edge science. 

And in the same year, Google launched its voice search feature, and Apple also released it’s voice assistant (Siri) with the iPhone 4s in the same year.

Now Microsoft followed the same and launched “Cortana” in 2014.


Thus Google innovated and improved it’s voice search feature and launched it as “Google Assistant” in 2016.


So always remember that it was IBM’s “Watson” which paved the way for understanding the impact of the boom in voice search on local searches.


Voice Search Statistics For The Year Of 2020:


  • A report by Google states that 27% of the online global population is utilizing the voice search feature on their smartphones.


  • As per Google, 52% of smart speaker owners keep them in a common room. 

25% of these people keep those speakers in their bedroom, 

22% keep a smart speaker in their kitchen. 

And among smart speaker owners who use them on a regular basis, 62% will make a purchase using voice technology.

  • According to a survey done by Adobe Analytics, the utmost common voice searches on smart speakers are for music (70%) 

Then comes the voice searches for the weather forecast (64%), which is in turn followed by fun questions (53%), online search (47%), news (46%), and asking for directions from the search engine itself(34%).


Final Words

The impact of the boom in voice search on local searches has reached a humongous level. People are using this feature more and more, as it is working for them by making their lives easier.

Thus the full impact of the boom in voice search on local searches is yet to be seen.


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