self employment at 50+ and break all the stereotypes


If you are self-employed, you get greater freedom at work, and you are your own boss. You can take control of your time and explore various opportunities. Many people become self-employed to pursue their passion.


The passionate self-employment

Most of the time, people who are working under someone else are not able to follow your passion. Being self-employed gives you the opportunity to be enthusiastic about your work.

If you have a substantial idea of your business, you can borrow unsecured business loans with no credit check. This can give a kick start to your business.


Self-employment ideas

Gardening as self-employment

Do you love gardening? Do you love exploring new plants and want them in your garden? If yes, then you can definitely think of pursuing a career in gardening. Many people enjoy gardening as they like open spaces, plants and flowers.

Many people like fresh air and being surrounded by nature. You can turn this passion of yours into a great business opportunity and be your own boss.


Cleaning as self-employment


If you are good at cleaning, you can convert it into a business opportunity and enjoy your work. The cleaning industry provides various employment opportunities to many people.

Everybody needs cleaning, and many people outsource their home and office cleaning. You can benefit from these opportunities and earn a good amount of money.


At some point, everybody needs guidance and advice. If you are a good listener and are good at understanding people’s problems, you can plan to start your own counseling business.

Counselors usually work with a group of people, i.e. institutions or one to one basis. To be self-employed, you can start your own business and work one on one with people. This way, you can offer your expertise to people and earn money too.

For example, your friend may be facing work-related issues; you can offer him your services and charge in return.

This can be a good self-employment opportunity for you. Many people go to counselors to get the solution to their problems as they want someone who is non-judgmental towards them.


Beauty consultants as self-employment

If you have a passion for beauty and like getting dolled up or dressing people, getting into the beauty field is perfect for you. You can start your own work and be a beauty consultant.

Being in the beauty industry, it is essential to understand the importance of the perfect haircut or perfect waxed eyebrows. It can actually boost an individual’s confidence. Being in the beauty industry will also enhance your social skills and make you meet new people every day.



Are you an organized personality? Are you a structured account keeper? Do you enjoy your bookkeeping work? Then definitely, you can grow in your career as a bookkeeper.

If you start your own business, you can offer your bookkeeping services to professionals as they want someone to keep their financial information recorded in an organized way.

You can contact many institutes and professionals and earn good money out of it. Once you gain experience in it, you can plan to grow as an accountant.

Antiques dealing

If you know the value of antiques and appreciate the beauty of vintage pieces, you can think of starting your career in antique dealing. You can become an antique dealer and follow your passion too.


Taxi driving

Do you like driving? Are you good at driving and controlling cars? If yes, you can be self-employed by being a taxi driver.

As a taxi driver, you will be interacting with a lot of people belonging to different backgrounds, cultures, religions. You can gain a lot of exposure and also do what you like. You can listen to and share your own stories while dropping people to their destinations.



If you love clicking pictures, you can consider the idea of your own photography business. The benefit of this business is that it requires minimal initial investment and has good returns.

Many people do photography as a hobby, but you can take it forward and create a livelihood out of it. It does require extra time and effort, but when it is your passion, you do not feel the extra time and effort that goes into your work.

You can also define your specialization, such as many people specialize in child photography or wedding photography. You can decide your own and start with your business.


Pet services

In the UK, if you are an animal lover, being your own boss is a great advantage. You can start your own business of providing pet services. Once you start your own business, it can feel like a dream come true as pets surround you.

You can spend some good time with your furry friends and ensure they are being taken care of in a suitable manner. To set up your pet salon, you can borrow bad credit business loans and make the most of your opportunity.

These will be the small loans but useful in getting quick funding to your self-employed purpose. Lenders may look at your recent financial performance rather than the past credit.


  • Personal Training

Are you a fitness freak? Do you like to be regular in your workout? Then you can also plan to open your own fitness centre. This will help you in keeping you fit and at the same time offering your fitness services to other people as well.

You can do good things by helping people transforming their lives and diverting them to a healthier lifestyle. You can also make personalize diet plans for people to help them stay fit in such busy schedules.



You can explore many other ideas to start your own business and be self-employed with the above mentioned ideas. There is no age to be self-employed.

You just need the right ideas and resources to be self-employed. Once you start your business, you can experience the freedom and liberty to lead your life your own way.

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