Need of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

voilance against woman

In this article, we will head towards a very renowned term ‘women empowerment.’ The world of revolution has been reforming around, achieving the ideals of the term since 1848 in the Seneca Falls Woman’s Rights Convention in the United States. Followed by this movement, many demands and fights for women’s rights came to light and have accomplished their goals. 

Regardless of all the success, these moments achieved, we still see the violation of women’s rights in every headline nowadays. And that is why the need for the ‘international day for the elimination of violence against women’ emerges. 

People need to make a noise to let their voices be heard, and that is why the United Nations started an initiative to spread awareness among the world that women are still getting violated in a generation where women have become an essential part of every sector and every inch of the growing world.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is celebrated as an occasion by higher authorities of the world, international institutes, and many NGOs. It is celebrated on 25th November of every year since 2000. 

Why the need for Awareness?

Violence against women is the most disturbing element of society. Violence against women does not violate human rights, but the entire section of the society who are deprived and searching for their rights. 


There are people, NGOs, legal bodies, and government institutions that empower women’s rights and give them the privileges that they deserve. But sadly, there are very few awareness-centric organizations that spread messages and awareness in society to broaden the preserved mentality of the society as a whole. 


Before promoting equity, humanity must be promoted. In many places, women are considered as a material that can give us utmost pleasure and give a sense of euphoria. They forget that they are not objects or domesticated animals, who can be easily beaten, abducted, and blamed. 

Changing men is not the solution, but the society that includes all the gender needs to be reformed. Women should learn their worth and men should empathize with their feelings and emotions. Men should be taught to have a healthy interaction with women so that they can know the deep driven roots of their needs and requirements, and so should women. 

People in most of the developing and underdeveloped countries consider the violation against women as an easy go because they can easily escape themselves from the case by bribing the higher authorities. But escaping from the eyes of the law can never escape them from the law of nature. 

Even the animals, before making any physical connection with the females, try to impress them. If they can not approach they do not abduct. But in humans, when a man can not approach a woman, he tries to abduct her. 

People are aware that whatever is being done is against the law of nature. All gender has its own stand, purpose, and dignity in society, depriving them of fulfilling their purpose raises a question against the entire system of humanity. 

How Literacy Can Turn the Situation Better?

Making people literate does not mean just educating them, proving them with necessary academic leanings, but broadening their minds. A sense of empathy must be seeded in the society. 

When a girl is literate, she can decide the right and wrong happening with her and can raise her voice against that, and can build a capacity in her to help the other women as well. 

When a man is literate he can decide the right and wrong he is doing with any woman and can correct it. Also, make other men aware of it and prevent its consequences. 

And when the entire society is literate then there would be no scope of wrong deeds, and they can come with a generation where there would be no need for equity but humanity will be celebrated. 

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is, everyone should feel free in society and should enjoy equal rights. Before empowering women and spreading awareness among men, and setting up equity, society must know what humanity means. If society promotes and teaches humanity to the people, then there would not be any need for the emergence of such women-oriented international days. 

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