Medical Weight Loss: 9 Ways It Can Benefit You

medical weight loss

Medical weight loss is proactive nutrition, exercise, and healthy behavior supervision by a doctor. Diets have been a part of the American fabric for quite some time now. From influential personalities promoting weight loss culture to average citizens trying fad diets, losing weight is a goal for many.

Despite diets “working” temporarily there’s much to be learned regarding the science that goes into creating the right diet for each individual. Much like fingerprints each individual is different.

Your height, weight, medical history, genes, hereditary history, and more impact how your body reacts to dieting. While the word “diet” may commonly be understood as the activity of reducing, cutting out, or specifying foods, it isn’t the case.

Diet in reality refers to whatever you eat. Therefore, it is more of a long-term lifestyle than something that works over a course of a few weeks or months. As medicine progresses food and how it impacts weight is better understood.

Practices such as Balanced Life Care are promoting mindful eating and medical weight loss for better living.

Is Weightloss Necessarily Healthy?

Most people equate weight loss with health. While this is true for obese individuals it isn’t always the solution. It is better to have a conversation with your physician before you get into the process of losing weight.

That said, if you are diagnosed to be obese or prone to inflammation and chronic diseases such as diabetes and so on, it is recommended that you look into weight loss. To reiterate it is never a good idea to go on a diet or exercise routine without the input of a doctor.

Types Of Weightloss

While there are no official types of weight per se, the common understanding regarding weight categorizes these into the following

  • Fad Diets
  • Medical Weightloss
  • Diet and Exercise

Fad Diets

This term is often used to describe diets that either restrict food, have gained popularity in a short while, or are the talk of the town because of their negative repercussions. These diets, while popular often drive immediate results, and then maintenance becomes a challenge.

Most fitness experts or trainers do not recommend these diets and prefer customized plans for each client they work with. That said, these diets have gained popularity and despite the abundance of information have gained a cult-like following across the globe.

Medical Weightloss

Medical weight loss is the recommendation given to you by a doctor or a medical practitioner after a thorough examination of your medical history and corresponding tests.

Experts will suggest a customized diet that focuses on food that nourishes the body and treats medical conditions as well. These diets may omit some foods that will affect your illness negatively.

But since these diets are based on your body’s chemistry they are effective in the long run. Moreover, your dietitian will switch things up once the purpose of the diet is met.

Diet and Exercise

This is an effective way to lose weight without going the medical route. For this, all you have to do is make lifestyle changes that you can carry further. Most people who follow this approach follow the 80/20 rule.

This rule incorporates healthy eating throughout the week while you enjoy your favorite foods on your cheat days.

While each diet has its positives and negatives, medical weight loss is certainly gaining the traction it deserves. There are various health benefits that accompany this type of weight loss.

The Benefits Of Medical Weightloss

To better understand how medical weight can be beneficial for your body, read on:

  • Customized Plans

Medical weight loss entails a detailed examination of the patient and then a customized plan that includes exercise and diet is created. This plan is customized to the needs of the patient rather than just focusing on weight loss.

For instance, patients suffering from arthritis are often suggested that they avoid eating red meat and rice. But these suggestions are based on nutritional facts and may be adjusted over time.

  • Slowly But Surely

The good thing about medical plans is that they will work. Which is something that cannot be said about regular diets. People suffering from hormonal imbalances and thyroid diseases find it difficult to lower the number on the scale.

Medical weight loss programs focus on the imbalances and treat them to lower the ratio of fat to muscle in your body. A dietician will also add a workout plan to the mix to ensure the treatment works.

  • Long Term applications

There are various diets that cannot be carried on for long. This is either due to the caloric deficit or because the diet is high in one particular food group. As for medical weight loss, these are diets that can be followed for life.

Since the food you are eating is benefitting you and even treating your concerns, you are likely to enjoy feeling better and more energetic. Moreover, doctors, do not reduce the calorie intake drastically which doesn’t affect your energy levels.

  • Safety

Not all diets are safe. Some diets are high fat and low carb which isn’t ideal for people with high cholesterol. Others are low-fat high proteins which may not be right for chronic diseases.

As such medical weight loss ensures your safety despite cutting down on your calories. Without proper calculation and a customized diet plan, you are bound to make mistakes that can have long-term repercussions such as IBS and so on.

Where to Find the Right Dietician to Draw a Medical Diet plan?

There are several dieticians who focus on a healthy route to weight loss. However, the best way to determine if they are the right fit for you is to read up on their:


What their previous or existing clients say about them makes a huge difference. Be sure to read up on their performance before you decide to trust them with your health.


Whether they are recommended makes a huge difference to the outcome of a particular dietician’s work. We strongly recommend working with Balanced Life Care for a weight loss medical program.

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