Looking for greenspiration? Bring houseplants for indoors

Having green plants around us can give us lots of inspiration and positivity. Well, one of the  main reasons why these green buddies have suddenly become a high demanded home decor trend in today’s time. 

If you want some greenspiration, this post is just the next thing you should read because we have listed all the easy care indoor plants that you can bring home. There are so many elements in a house that combine together to make it a cozy livable space which you can be proud of owning.

Most of us generally step in plant parenting and bring in all sorts of houseplants, at once. First, evaluate the space inside. Beside all the other factors, I learnt that when you order indoor plants online, start with plants that are easy to care for and maintain if you are new. Here are some plants you can work with as they look pretty too. 


Snake plant

Whenever someone asks me which plant is a must have when indoor planting, i always suggest them snake plant. There are so many factors about snake plants that makes them a must have indoor plant. So, with a snake plant in your ambience, enjoy a better quality of air.

 Even if you are planning to have very few plants for your interior space, definitely invest in snake plants. 


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Dracaena gold star plant

This plant is an easy to maintain plant even when left alone for hours in the dark. So, if you are someone who hardly spends time at home, this plant will work best for your space. Try to keep your dracaena plant away from sunlight. Also, just like others on the list, this plant too is an excellent air purifier, thus it will clean the inside air and remove toxins like xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and benzene etc. Feel free to buy plants online for such variety. 

Devil’s ivy plant

Devil’s ivy, otherwise called golden pothos, is a fast developing plant, fit to any situation in the house. 

The leaves are heart shaped and waxy, kind of molded with shading.  They’re exceptionally forgiving because they don’t mind drought and don’t need regular checks. Water Devil’s Ivy once per week and alternate week in winters. 

These are some plants best for our indoors space and will give you greesipration. .

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