Lessons That Can Be Learnt From Non-Living Things

That Can Be Learnt From Non-Living Things

At school, we all read about chapters on popular and mythological characters and learn from their lives. But ever thought that we can even learn lessons from non-living things? 


Yes, it might seem unbelievable to you but it is not a joke of course. And the best examples lie in stationary objects and other things. 


Now you must have got the hint about which of the things I am pointing towards. Let us begin with:




Yes, it is the first stationary equipment you begin with writing. We all have been using this wooden stick object to write down the assignments given by our teachers in school time


But ever thought what lesson does it indicate to you?


If not, then it is how one must have a lightened grip in his life, if too much pressure is being coerced, then you will be broken down. 


Another message it gives is sharpening your skills with more effort.  




After the pencil, comes a sharpener. It teaches in being the original. In this fast-paced changing world, we humans often blend ourselves to change our personality. 


We often get inspired by celebrities and other influential people and try to imitate them. Now, this is where we commit an error in not finding our real selves. 


Note that a blade inside the sharpener makes it worth sharpening the pencil, by balancing the pressure. 


Pressure either applied extreme or low never paves good results. Stop when it is not required much.




This is also one of the prominent stationary objects for rubbing the wrong matter. But like pencil and sharpener, an eraser also teaches us to work on our mistakes that can be amended in bringing improvement and a fresh start.




This comes as another pivotal item that teaches us to ward off the negativity from our minds. 


It is just like we cleanse our house with dirt by using our house broomstick daily in the morning. 


So use the broomstick of positivity in your mind in flushing out negativity daily.

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